The chemical industry is prone to high-pollution industries, fine chemicals you can use fewer resources, lower energy consumption and carbon emissions and achieve greater GDP. Changes in development, the development of low-carbon economy must take the road of fine chemicals has become a national consensus.
    Since the 1990s, as new technologies are booming, the global chemical industry continues to develop in the direction of deep processing, fine chemicals to the proportion of gross output value accounting for chemical refinement to measure the rate of chemical products continue to increase. Fine Chemicals is a measure of a country's rate of development of chemical industry is one important indicator of the level. The United States, Western Europe and Japan Chemical Industry developed countries and regions represented in today's world of fine chemicals development, these countries and regions of fine chemical products rate of 60% to 70%.

    After years of development of China's fine chemical, especially the "Plan" began to be developed as a strategic focus, the fine chemical industry has developed quite rapidly, forming about 20 to 25 categories, pesticides, dyes, paints, reagents, photographic materials, chemistry and medicine has been considerable development scale. In the chemical industry has also been formed within the independent industry, feed additives, food additives, industrial surfactants, water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, leather chemicals, oilfield chemicals, electronic chemicals, biological chemicals, functional polymers other shape. According to incomplete statistics, Copper Chromite(CC) currently there are more than 8,000 manufacturers, producing up to 30,000 kinds of products, annual production is about more than 1300 tons, annual output of about 390 billion yuan, fine rate of 40%. Some of the fine chemical products in the international market has a considerable share, and some even have a pivotal position. China Fine Chemical Industry has embarked on a preliminary technical development and innovation in accordance with national conditions and the road.

    China National Petroleum Corporation and China Petrochemical Corporation is China's production of fine chemicals and intermediates and fine chemical products, major companies, in the fine chemical products, especially in the oil refining catalysts, oil additives, oil field chemicals and other products that has important position.

    Fine chemical industry in numerous disciplines, involving a wide range of great influence by the industrial policy, Triphenyl Bismuth structural adjustment and technological progress from the perspective of intensive management is the future direction of China's fine chemical development. Many parts of China Chemical Industry Park has been established, and appropriate incentives, many of which have highlighted the Fine Chemical Industry Park chemical characteristics. This is conducive to fine chemical industry, with upstream and downstream connection and promote the fine chemical industry.

    From the industrial layout point of view, the majority of Chinese fine chemical production are located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong and other coastal areas. The mid-1990s, according to different regions of the chemical basis and characteristics of the country established in Nantong, Suzhou, Wuxi and Zhongshan, Fushun, Xiangtan, Taizhou, Huzhou, Luzhou, Deyang, Wuhu, Binzhou, Kaifeng, Xinji, Shashi etc. 15 fine chemical production base.

    Currently, in addition to the fine chemical production base, many Chinese regions have initiated the development of fine chemical industry. In 2010, Lanzhou City will rely on national fine chemical engineering center, and focus on developing fine chemical industries and the extension of the project, with emphasis on the Lanzhou Petrochemical 5.5 million tons crude oil distillation unit, Blue Star's special fiber projects and 550,000 tons butanediol, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid etc. the project. Jinzhou City, relying on the existing strengths of the petrochemical industry, adhere to the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, focus, and increased efforts to attract investment and fine chemical industry, investment, fine chemical industry efforts to expand the total economy. Huizhou City plans to further optimize the industrial structure, scientific planning and construction of world-class petrochemical industry base, and promote sustainable development of fine chemical industry.

    Although China has become the largest producer of fine chemical products, Octylferrocene but there are still many problems. First, the fine chemical is not the main direction of China's petrochemical industry, in the part of the petrochemical company's core business is not in proportion. China has been the development of fine chemical production performance of low investment, high value, small-volume characteristics, there are similar industrial structure, low-level redundant construction, the same areas of the product vicious competition. Second, R & D investment, innovation and high-end brand products less internationally competitive. Therefore, in the fine chemical in China urgently need to develop technology-intensive, high-precision machining, high value-added chemicals.

    According to the oil and chemical industry technical guidance to support the revitalization of China's future fine chemical industry Musk R-1 innovation's main task is to high performance, dedicated and high added value as the objective to address the catalytic technology, fine processing technology, bio-chemical technology constraints such as the development of fine chemical industry as a common key technology breakthrough, Pesticide vigorously develop new technologies, renewable specialty chemicals for papermaking fiber preparation technology, functional silicone rubber industry technology, fluorine-containing fine chemicals, production technology, and promote related industries of development.

    With the oil and chemical industry to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading China's fine chemicals suppliers industry, technology self-innovation capability and strength will be significantly improved, fine chemical industry, China is bound to a low carbon economy and people's living standards and make greater contribution . Source: