Silicon powder has variety fuction, and widely used in dairy life and industrial production. Silicon metal powder is of very high volue, therefore , studing and understanding the funciton of silicon metal powder, better make use of it, has a signifacance on the prisent silicon metal industrial.

Silicon metal powder, also known as silica fume. Ferroalloy plant or silicon metal plant or industrial silicon plant in the production process at high temperature with the exhaust to escape the smoke and dust is collected through a special capture device is made. Because of its very small particle size, an average of about 0.3u, it is known as silica fume, the main ingredients of SiO2.

The use of silicon powder:

1, segregation and bleeding control of concrete materials, to reduce or avoid the defects of concrete cellular, pockmarked face, weak interlayer cracks and milk skin.

2, to improve the compressive strength of concrete, the test proved that the silica powder can greatly improve the strength of concrete.

3, to improve the durability of concrete, improve concrete impermeability, frost resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

4, to improve the resistance of concrete carbonization, can increase the bond strength between the matrix and the reinforced steel for reinforced concrete, mixed with silica powder unfair, but also enhance the reinforced anti-corrosion ability.

5, to improve the flow and dense refractories, refractory high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance.

The use of silicon metal powder is mainly concentrated in the concrete and refractory optimization and performance enhancements. Silicon powder, used for the construction and materials industry is of great significance.

Silicon metal, also called industrial silicon which is a commodity name that occure in the mid-1960s. Its emergence has a relationship with  the rise of the semiconductor industry. At present, the international common practice divide  commodity silicon into silicon metal and semiconductor silicon. Silicon metal are the production of quartz and coke smelting in the electric furnace, the silicon content of the principal component (In recent years, with 99.99% of the Si content classified within the silicon metal) in about 98%, the remaining impurities as iron, aluminum, calcium. The semiconductor silicon of high purity silicon metal for the production of semiconductor devices. Is polycrystalline and single crystal form of sale, the former is cheap, the latter is expensive. Because its use is classified for a variety of specifications. According to statistics, in 1985 the world total consumption of about 500,000 tons of silicon metal, of which about 60% for aluminum silicon metal for less than 30% of silicone used in the semiconductor of about 3% and the rest for iron and steel smelting and precision ceramics.