In recent years, laboratory and clinical studies have shown that, vitamins can withstand a variety of local skin applicator.It can help preventing or delaying the certain changes of degeneration in the aging process, such as the formation of dry skin and wrinkles. The vitamin using in cosmetics materials include vitamin A, c, E and panthenol (provitamin B5).
Derivatives of vitamin A which is used in cosmetic materials are mainly vitamin A palmitate and its precursor β-carrot b factors. Quality of the product varies in different levels of the extraction process and the technical.Biological activities are different too. Vitamin A can be seen as a normalization of the conditioner, it is not only necessary for normal skin development, but also bones, glands, teeth, nails and hair growth and maintenance are necessary. Vitamin A can be absorbed through the skin, the skin epidermal cell activation. Changes in lipid synthesis and regulation of glue to help keep skin soft and plump, astaxanthin improve the skin's barrier function, mainly for skin care products. B 8 a carrot element is the precursor of vitamin A, clinical trials have confirmed that UV radiation can lead to protection and reduce peroxidation and rough skin, improve skin hydration.
Vitamin C in biological oxidation and reduction reactions in cell respiration and plays an important role, its participation in amino acid metabolism, neurotransmitters, and collagen synthesis of mesenchymal cells. Vitamin c can inhibit the deposition of melanin, has developed a stable, easily absorbed by the skin of the higher fatty acids and phosphate, and its derivatives mainly used wrinkle, anti-aging and whitening skin care cosmetics.
Vitamin E is an oil-based vitamins, there are α, β, γ, δ 4 kinds of variable body, a highest activity. Vitamin E not only has the effect of free radicals cleaning agent, and its own can get excited oxygen atoms, biotin due to oxidation by preventing cell membrane damage, stabilizing cell membranes. Vitamin E has been more widely used in sunscreen, anti-aging cosmetics, hair care and biological products, often with vitamin A, C together.
Panthenol, also known as the original vitamin B5, now becomes a good vitamin precursor with cosmetic application.The vitamin B5 sold in the markets are generally right-handed former body. Under the physiological function of the racemate, the original can be quantitatively converted to vitamin B5 pantothenic acid. In vivo, coenzyme A is synthesized as a precursor of pantothenic acid, coenzyme A lot of chemical processes in vivo plays a key role. Skin requires a higher concentration of coenzyme A, local access will help the body heal and recover, in the U.S. and Europe market, pharmacists skin, Vitamin B5 has become a main ingredient, it helps to relieve the itching for the upper formation, healing skin lesions, eczema, sun burn, insect bites  and baby diaper rash. It really works and have some detoxification. It can ease the stimulation of other additives.It is mainly used as conditioning agent for skin care and hair care cosmetics.Source: