Fine chemicals and new materials development is the need for economic restructuring. According to the analysis, China's chemical industry will experience two major stages. In recent years, with the people's living standards improve and the accumulation of social wealth, and daily chemical, food, clothing, medicine, electronics, packaging and other consumption-related chemicals started, China's chemical industry is entering a second phase. At this stage, fine chemicals suppliers the development of enterprises in the face of the main bottlenecks is the marketing capabilities, technical reserves and environmental constraints, and once limitations, escalating consumer characteristics and determine the advantages of enterprise is still strong vitality and broad space for development.
Fine chemicals and new materials development is the need for industrial upgrading. International comparison shows that the main products and more Chinese chemical companies to a common bulk materials-based, low value-added, serious overcapacity in some products; import and export data also show that some high-end products has gradually increased dependence on imports, not the product structure in China reasonably prominent phenomenon. Chinese resource endowment is not prominent in labor costs,
Copper Chromite(CC) capital costs slightly improve the situation, the use of limited resources, both the production of high value-added products to meet the needs of social development, also in line with their own interests, industrial upgrading without delay.
New chemical materials, mostly polymer materials on chain length, and its development needs of upstream capacity release with, and downstream through the final product in the energy, transportation, construction, infrastructure, household items and other extensive application, enlarge the upstream raw material production to promote the product upgrades. China in the 'Eleventh Five-Year' period well, including engineering plastics, special rubber, fiber and many other specialty industrial products, technical reserves, while the majority of bulk chemical products ranked in the world, significantly reduce dependence on imports, for the follow-up fine processing of new materials provide a basis for industrial facilities.
The outbreak of the financial crisis faced by the Chinese manufacturing labor costs, capital costs of the issues become more prominent, China's global comparative advantage will change in the passive part of the industry to upgrade its domestic same time, financial crisis, some foreign chemical enterprises are quagmire of depression,
Octylferrocene but also for the acquisition of domestic enterprises and the introduction of technology to provide an opportunity, China Yantai Wanhua Group Bosu's low-cost acquisition of Hungarian company that is a classic success story.
Second Five new materials development priorities: the new materials industry is one of China's seven strategic emerging industries, "five-second" period, China will promote the new material in 30 key species, the implementation of ten demonstration and application projects. Engineering plastics, special rubber, specialty fibers, polyurethane materials, biodegradable materials, polymer membrane materials are key to support the development of new chemical materials. Source: