Whelk is also known as acne pimples and acne. It is a hair follicles sebaceous chronic inflammatory disease. Most people think that its etiology is closely related to the androgen, the sebaceous glands and hair follicles microorganisms. In puberty, the androgen secretion increases and it will lead to increasing of synthesis and excretion of sebum. It also forms the keratosis proliferation of upper hair follicle, resulting in clogged pores. Then the fat suppository emerges.

In addition, genetics, diet, gastrointestinal dysfunction, environmental factors, cosmetics and mental factors and pathogenesis. The disease occurs in young men and women face, especially the forehead, cheek, chin and chest and back surface of the skin oil, enlarged pores, and some dandruff will rise. The majority of symptoms, but due to seriously affect the appearance, the psychological burden of patients are often heavier. Because this disease is the result of multiple factors, so prevention and treatment of this disease should also address the above causes and used comprehensive treatment.

Mental health is very important. It can not be considered that suffering from acne is bad luck. To make sure that as long as they pull themselves together, have confidence in, and adhere to actively cooperate with the doctors, and reasonable treatment, cure. In addition, should be the law of life, sleep should be sufficient to also help the prevention and treatment of this disease. Eating spicy food, fats and sweets may aggravate skin lesions, it should be eating less animal fat, pepper and sweets, eat more vegetables and fruits, and correct indigestion and constipation, avoid long-term use of fats and oils cosmetics material, corticosteroids iodine, bromide and other drugs. And commonly used warm water surface of the skin, soap containing sulfur has better effect.

Oral vitamin B2, B6, vitamin B complex and zinc preparations. Antibiotics can be used to tetracycline, erythromycin, minocycline, doxycycline and other antibacterial anti-inflammatory. Retinoid drugs can inhibit the retention hyperkeratosis, prevent the formation of a new obstruction and inflammation, and reduce sebum secretion and acne formation is commonly used. The retinoic acid tablets or viaminate are also effective. The drugs with antagonistic male hormones have a therapeutic effect on this disease. Patients can use cheap tretinoin to cure acnes.

For patients with severe nodular and cystic acnes, oral administration of prednisone has a certain effect. And the prednisolone suspension plus 2% procaine can be used in stubborn skin lesions. They should be used once a week and 3 to 4 times in a row. And for hypertrophy scar damage, X-ray irradiation can be used in the treatment. People can use special acne extrusion. Molding and mask are suitable in treatment for all kinds of acnes. But the drugs verities depend on the illness conditions.