In this time period of last year, under the influence of the sudden economic downturn, the global fine chemical manufacturers and their customers faced with the predicament of orders disappear. It is even difficult for people to predict when this difficult time would be improved. In the world exhibition of pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals supplier who provides pharmaceutical intermediates 10-hydroxydecanoic acid for pharmaceutical companies began to have increasing confidence. They think that the most difficult situation has gone away and have taken action to seize new business opportunities.

Last year is a challenging year for fine chemicals industry. Over the previous year, sales of first half year dropped by 6 percent. But the good news is that the current situation has been improved. Many companies and business are slowly coming back to pre-recession levels. But still not taken lightly and manufacturers are paying close attention to the evolution trend of the business environment. This year as expected improvement in the annual business growth can be achieved, albeit small, but significant for the restoration of the significance of people's confidence.

Despite the unfavorable situation of economic recession, some custom chemical companies are still striving to look ahead and take aggressive measures. Capacity and technology investment behavior, custom chemical companies want to be able to show clients that they have firm confidence in the long-term octylferrocene development. Indian companies hold the same confidence in future prospects for the industry will invest $ 1.6 million of its Scottish Grand efficient and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing plant expansion and reconstruction and will be followed where the production of antibody therapy.

USA bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers also have confidence on future prospects. While compared to last year, sales dropped 10 percent to 12 percent. On one aspect it is because last year's sales are very good. There is another factor that customers began reduce inventory. Suppliers have continuous transformation of the technical aspects of the process of commercialization of active pharmaceutical ingredients production unit, continuous liquid-liquid extraction process in the production of these products will spend in the future, which will undoubtedly further enhance the efficiency of production equipment, lower production costs.

There are some companies who also think the most difficult period is gone. With the business environment be improved step by step, small molecule process development and leading fine chemicals suppliers of full life cycle custom synthesis and manufacturing services have also taken positive actions. They use simulated moving bed technology and produce active pharmaceutical ingredients for clinical late. SMB equipment and chromatographic stationary phases can be used for biological analysis, solid phase extraction and preparative chromatography. This indicates that the plant-level SMB technology will be used for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients in India for the first time.Source: