Cysteine ​​thiol of glutathione is active groups. It has easy integration with active detoxification, mustard gas, lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metal salts of complex thiol groups of cysteine, glutathione. Glutathione (GSH liver cells), including the metabolism of some drugs, toxins (such as free radicals, such as heavy metals), and important physiological role in the integration of detoxifying harmful toxins harmless to the body is removed.

August detoxification, acrylonitrile, carbon monoxide, fluoride, heavy metals and organic solvents, such as toxicity, the red cell membrane by reducing methemoglobin, a prophylactic effect for prevention of hemolysis. Oncology and radiation inflammation in August because of drugs on bone marrow radiation therapy, radiopharmaceuticals, or leukopenia may increase due to symptoms. Glutathione may prevents the formation of fatty degeneration of the liver, hepatitis, drug hepatitis treatment positive effect on alleviating symptoms of poisoning. Removal of allergy symptoms caused by August this asymmetry, acetylcholine, holinoesterazu imbalance can be corrected;

August oxygen, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, itching and other symptoms, and consult with the lack of other symptoms caused by liver disease, but in August, in order to increase the role of oxidation and reduce interference of tretinoin melanin formation. Prevents cataract and corneal disease and retinal August most progressive instability of the crystalline thiol protein suppresses.

August production of functional food materials, such as the liver, beauty whitening against the elderly, detoxification of toxic air conditioning products. Prevention and protection of unique aroma of fried seafood and meat, as well as improvement in August, poultry and seafood by inhibiting the breakdown of nucleic acids. Un-processing and processing of color can improve the properties of the test in August. Dairy products can be effective in preventing darkening in August, and an original and attractive color, flavor and nutrition to keep food and drinks, plays a role in antioxidant fruits and vegetables.

After years of healthcare products astaxanthin and cosmetics in August to the rapid development uptrend, the stock market. In particular, the Japanese market, the product range has achieved decades. Basic radiation and chemotherapy, liver, liver, whitening, removal of heavy metals, and used to recover after aging. Virtually Chinese market this product. The number of cancer deaths worldwide each year about 10 million, China 1.3 million deaths annually, 1.6 million annual increase in the incidence of cancer in humans, about 4.6 million cancer patients, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the number of people covered, 1/2 to about 230 million € was created. Bleaching is a requirement for 50 million people and about 25 percent of the purchasing power of about 200 million young women and middle-aged, not beauty market, the overall assessment of the population, large market potential.

Glutathione production accounts for 10 percent of the market, market. The annual sales are about $ If the raw materials account for 8% of the product’s price, raw materials demand for functional food annually will reach 1.8 billion RMB. Glutathione is not only pharmaceutical raw materials and food products for health and have a wide range of applications in areas such as cosmetics. Mankind has entered a period of rapid cholesterol, glutathione as an important indicator to assess the public health. Source: