The protein is a main ingredient of cells, such as human blood, skin, hair, muscles and bones. It is a component in manufacturing hormones, enzymes, nucleic acids, immune system and cellular messenger. It can repair human cells. Cells of human issues are always in new lives and continue to be disrupted. The newborn raw material for repairing cells is protein. If the protein synthesis is equivalent to decomposition, the protein is in a constant state in human body.

The amino acid balance in the endocrine secretion of various hormones can change the organization of protein and recycling; growth hormone and insulin increases the formation of tissue protein. Anabolic, protein for tissue growth and repair. Amino acids into the cell membrane, through a different transport mechanism glutathione promote the formation of intracellular protein amino acid peptide connection quickly.

Catabolism in vivo glucocorticoid need to increase the concentration of amino acids in the blood, glutathione promotes cell proteins into amino acids across the membrane into the blood to maintain plasma amino acids, protein, and the balance between proteins. Glutathione is also involved in the delivery of sweet fat, cholesterol, phospholipids and fat-soluble vitamins, to maintain the liquid penetration of the body in different parts of the relationship between maintaining the stability of the internal and external environment. Glutathione products produced by cosmetic raw material suppliers play an important role in a variety of metabolic, structural and physiological processes of protein.

Aging is the inevitable law of the development process of human life, under normal circumstances, the three-year-old began aging. Nucleus of human chromosomes, a DNA material called telomeres in the chromosomes of the terminal, it is like a life clock, regulating cell growth and apoptosis. Growing with age, telomere due to the continuous mitotic cells become shorter and shorter; every cell division time, the telomeres shorten that when reduced to not, to stop cell division, the life of the cell to stop a. Human aging is caused by the shortening of telomeres and telomerase close.

The glycation of proteins, protein denaturation and condensation. After protein denaturation, likely to cause congestion, disappearance of the activity within the cell, the whole cell life is shortened. The damaging effects of free radicals, damage the mitochondria, free radical damage within the cell mitochondria, the cells in the metabolic processes, the ability of the cell metabolism weakened or disappeared. Therefore, the lack of cellular energy, disappears, the cells do not have the energy metabolism. Then the cells die.

Patients buy glutathione to improve or promote secretion interleukin. The interleukin can regulate to slow down telomere shortening and extend life of cells. And thus it extends the life. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant. It can fight against with damage of mitochondrial DNA from free radicals. It will repair the damage to extend the cell cycle and cell life. Elevating glutathione and neutralizing or eliminating free radicals will enhance glycolysis of the sugar and oxidative phosphorylation. It also inhibits the saccharification of protein and fat. Gluconeogenesis of glucose has been alleviated so that the protein will have invariance.Source: