Human skin aging is mainly due to the loss of collagen and aging in the skin. So protecting the collagen, reducing the damage becomes the direction for research and development of most skin care products. It is the target for beauty industry over the years. Recently, the haematococcus pluvialis is recognized as the best biological nature in production of natural astaxanthin. As a new creature protecting the biological collagen, it has wide range of cognitiveness for the biosphere. The experts agree that: the haematococcus pluvialis is the carotenoid synthesis product. Its astaxanthin has functions of antioxidant and protecting collagen. The effect is 10 times than the B-carotene, 75 times than alpha lipoic acid 75 times and 1000 times than the vitamin E.


Collagen is the body composition of most of the proteins of human skin collagen synthesis by 70%. It is the desire of every healthy skin elasticity and vitality to keep, but life is still a large number of factors that are painful: Rise of age and hypertension caused by overactive shirt oxygen can be leather metabolism of normal capacity UV damage and maintain the computer to reduce the damage to the wearer's skin collagen, and collagen. Keep your skin in good condition, you must do: To minimize damage to the T-shirt by ultraviolet light and oxygen and external stimuli and prevent premature aging, repair, land and loss of collagen injection skin self-support functions of natural functions.


The astaxanthin is a powerful ability to protect collagen. Red algae are unicellular life, the first rain that live in freshwater algae, red algae and the accumulation of astaxanthin, hence the name red ball of algae due to the precipitation of green algae known as seaweeds health rain. Agriculture experts say the Chinese naturally apricaria rain academic pluvialis astaxanthin, singlet oxygen which is harmful for the skin, it is better to stand and can also play a role repeatedly.


Apricaria pluvialis rain protection of collagen, in particular the following two aspects: first, create resistance against singlet oxygen, singlet oxygen by ultraviolet radiation and other external damage and stress, the balance of collagen and elastin, aging skin , caused interference may take considerable apricaria pluvialis that rain, and singlet oxygen more effectively balance the skin. Do not let the simple oxidation of sebum production, maintaining the intercellular lipids of the skin due to moisture reactive oxygen species, the surface of the skin to produce a batch of lipid peroxidation, the skin loses moisture and light. Health, Ward, reactive oxygen species in specific cells, to get the ball into the lipid algae, red skin hydration and vitality.


Moreover, it can not only protect the collagen in the skin and becomes the king has of antioxidant. The biological and physiological functions of cosmetic raw material rain pluvialis apricaria are more than 100 species. As a revolutionary anti-oxidation product of 21st century, rain pluvialis deserved. At present, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries, the haematococcus pluvialis has been further promoted and applied. In October 2009, the haematococcus pluvialis as a food additive has also been approved to enter the Chinese market.