People often traveling together in the boiling summer season, at this time, gorgeous evening bag luxury leather handbags and seriousness seems to become less in tune. Summer is cool and pleasant most in need of feeling, so we need to get rid of past seriousness of dress, casual summer to create a fresh new image to go through this pleasant summer bar. Change must start from the handbag. Handbag is the most practical women's jewelry accessories, also has the personality and taste and rich tone of the language. Bags can be used as a powerful complement clothing, clothing some of the shortcomings and deficiencies, you can make up handbag. Such as not enough gorgeous costumes can be used with high-end handbags; enough personality dress with ingenious handbag. Handbags were accompanied with peers, a strong selection of handbags to choose who to show the attitude and philosophy of life, suggesting that a consumer mentality, the choice of name brand handbags, the choice of texture, the choice of shape, color and degree of fineness and maintenance, which are needs careful design. Handbags with a strong personality and career orientation, under normal circumstances, nonwoven bags preferred to work with leather handbag products. In addition to the advantages of rugged, there are enhanced texture and full, mature female occupational characteristics. For most working-class women, how can we choose to be a versatile handbag for all occasions do?
Color, I would suggest to buy a black, dark blue, tan, brown, neutral color handbags, neutral color coordinated clothing is easier to quickly enhance your professional image. Purchase handbags, purses, it is best with shoes, belts echoes, coupled with texture, color, or close to the same belt and shoes,
rpet bag will have an overall sense. Of course, this is not absolute, the color of bag not necessarily exactly the same color with the shoes, but to make the two colors can be mixed together in harmony. Material, should take into account the adaptability of the season, weaving, flax, cotton and other light texture pack for spring and summer autumn and winter, leather, wool and other heavy packages more suitable for fall and winter. Denim, leather, fabric and grid pattern stitching of the bag, never out of date, but every year in style on a new guise. These two elements in the selection of bags, we should pay attention to large and small blocks of color in proportion to the grace that we have. If you feel relatively simple handbag styles, lack of new ideas, you can also add some yourself around common accessories, a multi-purpose, such as the Department of little silk scarf, or hang a necklace, a brooch on the other, with a simple small decorative handbags can make up a rich visual hierarchy. But be careful to choose the upper body parts, make the right choices not only make the body look tall, but also can bring out the facial expression. In addition, the purchase of handbags, we must make the usual carry-on items (cosmetic bag, cell phone, business cards, folders, etc.) are put on, so as to choose to accommodate all the necessary supplies a practical bag.
Handbag is a woman of fashion props, master the basic principles are important to you. Two years ago, a large backpack is very popular, well received by the city has a young family favorite. You can choose large and small backpack, if you're young. Only mention in the hands of handbags, dinner is generally used, installed a number of small items such as cosmetics, like, do not pretend to be stuffed to change the shape of the bag,
non woven bag china but this situation does not seem uncommon. As for color, fashion handbags props must be compatible with your clothing, a woman has no statistics on how many bags, but I have seen many women are crazy to buy handbags, handbags in the market saw on the walk, must Kangezixi.
Women love handbags, probably the ancient consensus. Especially out of the white-collar workers in the office, Monday to Friday, nine to five, are fitted in the stiff and dull wear, the handbag has become even more essential in the CBD. Relative to the fashion,
recycle bag the exquisite handbags popular cycle longer, which requires us to grasp in the choice of brand fashion handbags, fashion as the best foil allowed to play the role more fully. Source: