Blacking hair shampoo mainly relies on p-phenylenediamine, m-phenylenediamine, lead acetate and other hair colorings. The vinegar-soaked lead combcan make hair black. Lead acetate has highest contents in many blacking hair shampoo. The colorings do great harm, on human body. They may cause dermatitis, carcinogenic, teratogenic and eczema. Adding it directly into hair shampoo will do great harm to the body. The officials have banned to use the addictives. And the formal cosmetic raw material suppliers will not use it in their products too.

Undesirable components of the shampoo on the hair damage, mainly from two aspects, external damage to the hair shaft, waterproof layer of the cuticle, the hair shaft moisture to escape dry shampoo again absorbent swelling, long-term repeated down, further damage to the hair dry inner hair cortex, hair medulla, leading to fragile hair dry, easy off, easy off, easy to turn white. Followed by the scalp hair follicles absorb the long-term harmful ingredients compromised, seventh head around the hair follicles in the telogen, the lack of hair root blocking, absorbing more and injured more normal hair follicle metabolic balance of the environment damaged, black melanocytes and dermal papilla, hair matrix cells, the lesions occur, eventually leading to hair dry. It is easy to become white and fall off.

Shampoos containing undesirable components over time, the damage to the hair needs of young people due to metabolism, the sebaceous glands are also strong, will have to make up for repair on hair, short term damage will not soon became apparent, the older people's own repair function is not in strong period, type of shampoo on the hair of the elderly devastating, and even bring disaster to the scalp to accelerate the aging of the skin of the head loss, hair loss faster. Only undesirable components of short-term topical shampoo, shampoo harm to the hair in the bath needs a relatively longer time course, the logic of this causal relationship is difficult to directly associate certification. But the fact that, a century in the history of developed countries, the use of shampoo, hair loss and other problems the universalization of the history of shampoo just two years, just in a period of hair loss, white hair and other hair onset began to have large-scale growth.

In addition to children's shampoo, shampoo sold in the market will contain undesirable components against the hair healthy or containing one or contain many types. For hair healthy of their families, consumers must carefully read the ingredient list in its logo. Anti-off products generally contain some anti-androgen, such as minoxidil; or use the free inhibitor, such as cyclosporine A; and retinoid similar to vitamin A structure A, the hypertension drug diazoxide. In the past, many people would like to buy minoxidil to treat hypertension. Its side effects can increase the growth of hair follicles time. The mechanism is used for the treatment of hair loss.

Commercially available in China, minoxidil tinctures have two concentrations, a concentration of 5% and the other is a 2% concentration. Common clinical adverse reactions were mild dermatitis of the scalp, and also include irritant dermatitis (redness, dander and burning), non-specific allergic reactions, the wind group, allergic rhinitis, facial swelling, allergies, shortness of breath, headache, nerve inflammation, dizziness, syncope, dizziness, edema, chest pain, blood pressure changes, palpitations and pulse rate changes.

There are many requirements for monoxidil in hormonal drugs. Children, pregnant women, lactating women and elderly people who are above 65 years should be cautious in use the drugs. If there are excessive or serious adverse reactions emerge, people should seek medical care immediately. It may burn or irritate yours eyes. And if drug liquid contacts with sensitive surfaces, the region should be flushed with plenty of cold waters. Because of many taboos, once discontinued, the conditions will return to the previous hair loss status like other hormones germinal western medicines. General regular shampoo manufacturers do not add the violating additives. And the official also not allowed adding it in the shampoos as a common ingredient.