How to choose Men's leisure inclined shoulder bag?
Men's leisure inclined shoulder bag material is usually nylon or Oxford cloth, canvas is used more, mainly for people shopping or travel time are used. Buy men's casual bag, in addition to choose their favorite color, style, features great filial piety, but also with stress, bags can be clothes, belts, shoes to match the best.
Buy Men's leisure inclined shoulder bag, whether idiot or cloth bag or package, in addition to choose their favorite color, style, features great filial piety, but also to note the carry bag model, and the strap length, feel, etc.
reusable bag model is inappropriate to bring the inclination of the body will hurt, slowly causing low back pain, shoulder pain and other issues.
Selection of Men's leisure inclined shoulder bag
First choose your favorite color, bag of tricks. This is very important, leather bags can be clothes, belts, shoes to match.
Second is to choose men's casual style and Colonel inclined shoulder bag is ready to select the first bag, handbags,
nonwoven bags shoulder bags, dual-use inclined shoulder bag, backpack, pockets, inside chest pack which. And then choose the specific details of the type of men's casual bags, leather bags such as the length of tape, their pattern is appropriate, the suitability of their bag of hardware and so on.
Finally, men's casual view of the work of the inclined shoulder bag. This part is divided into several areas, easy to pull it to see if the alignment, with or without balance, without loose stitches, skew, with or without skin wrinkles, handles, buckles and other hardware is sturdy, the availability of large scratches. And whether the complete package of features, such as cell phone pocket, camera bag, document bag, etc.
leisure inclined shoulder bag how to identify the material?
Different types of leather, their characteristics and uses are different. Patients with cow leather surface thin, high strength, the most suitable for making shoes; sheep leather, light, thin and soft, fabric is ideal for leather clothing; vapor permeable breathable leather pig performance,
recycled PET reusable bags more suitable for making underwear and children's products; horse leather fiber structure more closely, the intensity is relatively high, for the production of leather pants and boots better. So how to identify the material it leisure inclined shoulder bag?
In general, leisure inclined shoulder bag leather surface pores of the thickness, density and distribution is to distinguish between cow leather, pig leather, horse leather and sheep leather key basis. Pig leather: leather surface of the pores are round and thick, more obliquely stretching leather inside. Pores arranged in a group of three, leather surface showing the pattern of many small triangles. Horse leather: leather surface of the pores were oval,
rpet bag slightly larger than the cattle leather pores, arranged in a regular. Cow leather: leather and buffalo leather cattle are called cow leather, but they also have some differences. Cattle leather surface of the pores were round, direct to stretching than the leather, the pores close and even, irregular, if starry. Buffalo leather surface of the pores than cattle leather thick, pores over the number of rare cattle leather, leathery, more relaxation, full and detailed as cattle leather.
Sheep leather: leather grain oblate pores, the pores clear, a group composed of a few, arranged in scaly. Leather and synthetic leather: leather and synthetic leather or non-woven textiles are made with synthetic resin substrate and made of composite materials,
non woven bag china are a natural leather like plastic. They have soft, flexible wear characteristics, is widely used. However, poor ventilation, no natural pores close look at the positive plate is negative or non-woven textile, rather than animal skin floor. In addition, artificial leather and synthetic leather less cold, cold will harden, brittle hair.
In addition to attention to the quality of leisure inclined shoulder bag, style and color, should also be used in daily life taboo, so as not to impact on health, resulting in shoulder pain, swelling and other problems.