Occurrence of cosmetic contact dermatitis, as long as immediately stop using all types of cosmetics and timely diagnosis to the hospital, the first control of the disease, the symptoms will be eliminated in general 1-2 days, unless the cause can not detect, or they use other types of cosmetic This intersection occurs allergic dermatitis easy to repeated attacks, or into a chronic, delayed healing. Of course, another point is that we easily fall into the error, there is an allergy to use creams, cosmetics allergy when the long-term recurrent, then it can not rely on hormone creams, the best way is through desensitization improved radically improve allergy. So how to deal with cosmetics allergies?
First, improve allergies, safe and effective desensitization, and enhance cell-mediated immunity, essentially blocking the allergy. Traditional antihistamine used to relieve allergy symptoms, such as chlorpheniramine, diphenhydramine, phenergan, astaxanthin although that temporary relief Astemizole and other local skin irritation, itching and other symptoms, but after all, hormone-containing class of drugs, have central sedative and anticholinergic effects, can easily cause drowsiness, weight gain, arrhythmias, anaphylactic shock and other side effects, medical care are the last resort open to patients taking these drugs can not be eliminated but allergy, cosmetics allergy for patients, long-term use or spread of these drugs is likely to cause skin dependence on hormone drugs, over time will develop resistance to these drugs began to lose a role, the onset of dermatitis increasing frequency, Finally, it is difficult to control. There is a professional product that can get the radicals in and out, before the cells in free radicals, fast, effective removal of free radicals, effective protection of mast cells, basophils and smooth muscle are not subject to abuse, inhibit histamine release, repair and protect cells play a role in an overall improvement in allergies, even when we have another strong allergens, it will not allergic! The biggest advantage lies in the products are pure natural plant compound products, does not add any hormones and chemical composition, its in-depth cell desensitization process, the body will not produce any pollution and side effects, composition purity up to 95 %, and the desensitization effect of a broad spectrum of thousands of allergens have an impact, virtually eliminating the root causes of allergies, improve patient allergies, and never recurred.
Second, another important cosmetic allergy is due to the external protective layer of skin - the stratum corneum and become damaged after hypersensitivity. The "collagen" is a polymer protein,
biotin filamentous collagen fibers, keeping the skin strong and flexible. It is found in skin, tendons, bones and other parts, the main role is to make the sticky connective tissue and material. In the skin, the composition together with elastic fiber network to support the body, providing strong support and stability of the dermis, the skin will remain gloss and flexibility. When the skin by cosmetic injury to the skin to replenish the collagen is a key step to enhance the skin allergy.
Third, eliminate toxins, activate the damaged parts of the cell metabolism and barrier function of self-toxins. Exposure to irritants and allergens to induce the body to produce a large number of free radicals, while the human daily exposure to automobile exhaust and other air pollution, and so are likely to aggravate the symptoms of cosmetics allergies, toxins more cumulative. For deep in the skin and mucous toxins Oral products only through self-activation of cell metabolism of toxins before they can really drain the toxins. The first long-term taking into account the patient's body by radical oxidation damage, a lot of deep backlog caused by damp, heat-toxin, and second, taking into account the large number of patients were taking anti-group amine drug residues and other toxins of many drugs, so the factor of depth through the detoxification of blood, viscera, and expel body toxins and allergens deep factor,
minoxidil eliminate toxic substances in the blood of allergic and allergic factors and media, to ensure smooth blood of healthy, allergy restrictions symptoms of blood-borne, effective emergency response to protect the skin allergy.
Fourth, to nourish the capillary walls, reduce capillary fragility, increased activity of vascular wall elasticity and protect the capillary break is not easy to expand, improve and easy redness, fever, facial skin! For congenital facial superficial capillaries, capillary wall fragile, highly sensitive skin and peripheral blood vessels, in order to fundamentally eliminate facial flushing, redness,
cosmetics material improve skin texture and we must solve the problems inherent vulnerability of the vessel wall. Vitamin C, E is an important nutrient capillaries and protect the skin collagen an important element in the activity. In scavenging free radicals, they also constantly to the damaged vessel wall to provide nourishing ingredients to enhance the vascular wall elasticity and toughness, so that convergence has been the expansion and contraction of the capillaries, the capillaries are not protected from the fundamental expansion, facial flushing and redness is difficult to form. Collagen can add some collagen to maintain elasticity of blood vessels, to maintain the normal function of the capillaries, preventing the formation of red blood, reduce allergies caused by cosmetics, a variety of symptoms. Source:http://www.cosprm.com