China has more than 830 essence and fragrances business, the real scale of it is not more than 100, about 90% of small and medium enterprises. Most state-owned enterprises and large private enterprises in middle and low market fierce competition, overcapacity, price war situation. While the high-end products in the state-owned share proportion of small enterprises, a large number of shares to be occupied by foreign-funded enterprises, the current competition for market share has reached a stage of intense, relatively speaking, the state-owned and private enterprises with their own development needs of the advantages of squeeze into the blank area in the high-end products.

Cosmetics fragrance market requires companies to accurately grasp the opportunity to provide products, through market research, information feedback, product tracking and a series of operations to carry out the spice scale production and sale of cosmetics. However, in many cosmetics products for small and medium producers, simply as a traditional flavor to the ordinary raw materials, there is no scientific formula, and similarly, astaxanthin fragrance raw materials suppliers simply provide raw materials only, so daily Cosmetics fragrance in cosmetics production process has not been optimal ratio. It can not distinguish what kind of flavor for what kind of products, there is a subjective recognition. The reason why there is such a situation, because the flavor as the production of a common cosmetic ingredients. And as the market continues to develop, this idea is clearly not suited to market needs, which requires companies to study the essence of the flavor of various features, all sorts of recipes to make their own highlights, API supplier and then continue to adapt to the market, expand the market.

With fierce competition in the market index of explosion, will lead to a lot of cosmetics companies or enterprises to change the traditional essence and philosophy, market rationality analysis, market segmentation, product refinement, each with its own characteristics to produce products, to adapt to different levels of consumer groups, Cosmetics material on the basis of its original share more market share. China Cosmetics fragrance fragrance business to occupy the domestic market, Cheats high-tech. In understanding the market, based on the use of advanced science and technology, product research and development of flavor, re-positioning, to provide raw materials from the traditional concept of separating the introduction of new product concept, it can play a full flavor effect able to come up with new essence and bright.