Market of global plant preparations (including soy ingredients, algae composition and fiber content) market reached $ 83 billion. The annual growth rate of major categories products are from 3% to 12%. Among them, plant food supplements market size is $ 11 billion. Market size of functional foods with plant ingredients is $ 14 billion. These two categories account for as much as 1/3 of the total market.

In the capacity of such a market, the competitive supplement market has been very intense, large international manufacturers of supplements has never stopped the pace of development of plant resources glutathione and new plant components, innovative supplements has been a major part in the international market . At present, the resources of the plant components from the following four: First, conventional medicinal plants and marine plants, three fruit and four vegetables.

The commonly used medicinal plants are from the ginseng extract, green tea extract and hypericum perforatum extract. This part of the market demand is stable, a high degree of consumer recognition, but the supplements are relatively inexpensive, transparent profit margins. Nevertheless, the supplements derived from medicinal plants are the basis of species to support the supplement market. Function of medicinal plants, the production and sale of supplements permitted, to the relevant administrative departments to submit a lot of security supporting information corresponding to spend huge time and cost, therefore, to avoid the medicinal plants, to looking for functional ingredients, fruits and vegetables and other edible plants has gradually become an important strategy for some companies to take advantage of the market.

Marine plants and animals are also human as algae and other plant food used for many years. Spirulina, marine plants as a source of supplements began in Japan has begun large-scale studies, such as rain raw red ball algae extract astaxanthin, carotenoids extracted from brown algae, fucoxanthin, laminarin, seaweed polysaccharides. At present, astaxanthin has entered mass production in Japan. Fucoxanthin international market, only 10% and 5% of the extract in powder form.

Vegetable source should be one of the sources of the scientists compared the favor of functional plant components. They found that the isothiocyanates in broccoli extract containing the ingredients, not only can protect the skin from UV damage, and can protect against bladder cancer. Many nutrition companies is uniquely positioned to extract natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

Overview of the international supplements market, the industry increases the development of a variety of plant resources products. They also start to increase the monopoly of the chemical library of botanical ingredients. In March of this year, special chemicals giant strengthened its leadership position in the dietary supplements market and spared no expense to buy the world's largest natural compound database. The database contains botanical ingredients monomer, the standard of plant extracts and blending plant components. 40% of natural chemical compositions in database of is not yet to be developed before. Future development will focus on obesity, cardiovascular health and brain health diet supplements the main. At the same time, the sports additive drinks and alcoholic beverages will be developed. It can be predicted that the international supplement markets are increasingly competitive. Meanwhile, the market will be concentrated to the enterprise with the chemical compositions in databases. Source: