As the old saying goes: Although something is good for environmental protection, it may be not good to your health. Have you ever heard of such ‘old saying’? There is something new to share. We have been taught to wash our hands since childhood, because in the environment there are many things that may endanger the health. The place looks clean and tidy, it may be a hotbed for the growth of pathogenic microorganisms indiscriminately. Surely you can think of a lot of such cases: a variety of handrails in public places, remote control, mouse and keyboard ... Many supermarkets in the United States provide disinfectant wipes for customers to wipe the cart rails at the entrance.  
Professor Levitt in University of Chicago mentiones in super burst devil economics: to avoid surgeon’s direct contact with the computer mouse  wearing surgical gloves, the United States, some hospitals are promoting computer with virtual reality interfaces to facilitate them to view images information. Levitt also referred to a hospital reform --- the doctor's tie. UK Department of Health made specifically for doctors and tie ban reason is that the tie, "few people washed", "no benefit in the treatment of patients with respect," while "has proved easy to breed a large number of pathogens." U.S. drama "House" fans will recall, Dr. Dean Cady also been cases of infection in the hospital after the interns angrily cut a tie. Tie is not the only little washing things, think about the kitchen of his home, there is also hidden in nonwoven bags for shopping.
Some time ago, a study group published a research report. Content is on the U.S. San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tucson city bags three health survey. The results show that the new bags and new plastic bags as safe, but after repeated use, reusable shopping bags situation has changed. 97% of respondents never wash bags. This approach will lead to a large number of bags on the breeding of microorganisms from the food they brought to the potential public health risks. Fresh food on the three most common bacteria are Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli. They can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, severe cases can cause death. In this study, researchers found a large number of bags of all three bacteria. These pathogens may be due to damaged packaging fresh food and spread to pockets of environmental protection, and some fresh food packaging as part of negligence exist in the package surface. This is not good news, if you use a green bag raw meat, soon after it loaded with snacks, cooked food, clothes, toys ... then cross-contamination is almost inevitable. The study's co-author, University of Arizona professor Gerba said that they tested in almost all bags and found environmental bacteria. One was placed in a car trunk, the ambient temperature about 47 degrees bags, the carry the bacteria in two hours can be increased by 10 times.
And up from University of California, Loma with special reference to Professor Sinclair, who used them in Los Angeles on bags larger number of colonies detected in the other two cities. This may be warm and humid climate with the characteristics of the Los Angeles --- Tucson on dry weather greatly reduces bacterial survival. Gerba recommends consumers own at least weekly to eliminate a poison bags. He also believes that government should do some advocacy ads, telling consumers to use reusable bags with notes, or simply to force manufacturers to print the related reminder on the bags. Does think too much on ‘disinfect bags’, it is not so complicated. The researchers find that, hand or machine washing can remove 99.9% of bacteria. Surely, putting reusable bags washing together with clothes, it is not a good idea too. Source: http: //