There are 200 million Chinese people who are suffering from hair loss distress. They are facing head crisis. The incidence of young male hair loss is more than 10 times than that of 20 years ago. And it shows a trend of younger age. While at the same time, more and more women also join the army of hair loss. The vast majority of hair loss patients are unwilling to go to hospital for treatment. They choose to use drugs and cosmetics material with special effect. So there are numerous advertisements in hair loss markets.

Recently, a cosmetics and medical research sector declare that, there are no drugs which can cure hair loss thoroughly. A variety of drug prevention and treatment of hair loss, anti-hair loss shampoo solution or the so-called special purpose cosmetics do not have therapeutic efficacy. The survey shows that the increasingly early onset of male hair loss, hair loss in 60% of patients before the age of 25, the proportion of patients with hair loss as high as 83.9% before the age of 30. Hair loss the army has grown, so that the anti-off products to see the huge business opportunities. Nearly 200 million alopecia crowd brought the potential market value of up to 18 billion RMB. Anti-de germinal products the following categories: general anti-off shampoo, three to four times more expensive than ordinary shampoo; professional anti-off products, the price of up to several hundred thousand, including topical drugs, such as oral liquid.

Currently, there are only two approved anti-off hair growth drugs. One of them is topical 2% to 5% minoxidil solution. But the hair only grows in fluff forms. In addition, according to recommendations from minoxidil supplier, all the hair loss treatment products do not have therapeutic efficacy without undergoing a rigorous clinical trials. And whether there are its side effects are unknown. Care products mostly in the propaganda walking a fine line, polygonum multiflorum, black sesame and other formulations, not dare to say the drugs can only claim to be the ancestral recipe of traditional Chinese medicine. Health combs and other tools will improve the blood circulation of scalp. It does have a certain help but can not prevent hair loss.

Hair loss is a common skin disease, is mainly divided into two categories: one is bald, the hair loss is generally caused by genetic factors, mental stress, eating too much oily and spicy food, staying up late tend to magnify, or to make hair loss occur earlier. There is also a hair loss called alopecia areata. In general, alopecia areata is caused by stress, excessive stress, and lack of sleep. Endocrine and autoimmune diseases can lead to alopecia areata. This disease generally do not take medicine can also be good as long as the patterns of life and an optimistic attitude, most patients can heal in six months to a year, but ​​alopecia areata needs timely medical treatment.

Hair has its metabolic process. If the number is over one hundred in hair losing, or the hair loss problem continue happens in one or two months, people need to go to a regular hospital to have a dermatology clinic. Hair loss patients need minoxidil drug in the treatment and they also need to pay attention to the attitude adjustment. It is necessary for them to part in sports activities and ease the mental stress. At the same time, they need reasonable arrangements for the rest time, and should not stay late at night. Less smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and controlling diet are good habits. The patients should eat less fatty polysaccharide and spicy food.