The definition is more abundant than expected ore from gold, platinum, silver, copper and other metal ores, to amber, agate, diamonds, minerals like mica and other crystals, to malachite, obsidian and other volcanic rock, which in nature After thousands of years of baptism, contains a wealth of magnetic field, energy, minerals. As early as 3,000 years ago, Cleopatra of Egypt to have a gold record this beauty of metal ores; and palace in the ancient Chinese jade massage also spread to the face, the skin is delicate beauty secret; in India, with the aid seven energy minerals therapy is also a common choice, beauty is not something new ore, but up until today formally to shine, as skin care trends, one would like to thank the major brands to promote, to grasp the mentality of the people change, our beauty from the monotony of rescued plants out the other side, naturally, thanks to technological progress, as early as 10 years ago, the ingredients in beauty products, mica is a frequent visitor, astaxanthin but only played a little luster to the skin to increase particles that make skin lighter small role, because at that time technology can not be broken down to sufficient mineral particles the size of skin absorption, and now the emerging nanotechnology will effectively break down into tiny mineral elements molecules, so that it can really produce deep effects on the skin; and original scientific research can only stop further in the folklore of the ore cosmetic effect, provide technology support, let us use more peace of mind.
Lithotherapy, and the plant is able to be accepted, like beauty, the mineral contains essential minerals are natural substances in the body, it can maintain the skin and body health. In addition, more allergy, skin repair, anti-free radical, can improve wrinkles and anti-aging effects. The trace elements copper, zinc, silicon, potassium, manganese, calcium and iron, etc., can wake up the skin cell function, is the production of collagen essential elements; in the physical point of view, micro-crystals on the skin surface can be treated self-vibration, skin temperature will increase about 0.5 ° C-1 ° C, so as to promote micro-circulation, helps to increase collagen production, and composition of these unique elements are not simulated plant, mineral composition if long-term neglect of the body and skin the importance of healthy skin the natural loss of glossy appearance.
It is believed that wearing crystals, diamonds or emeralds and other precious stones bring good luck to give the body in the experts, minoxidil this is not a supernatural power, because these substances have a stable structure, they release energy can increase blood circulation biological wave to help restore normal metabolism. The structure is different because of different minerals, with the energy varies, the ore can be selected beauty brands generally have enhanced the absorption characteristics of the other active ingredients, and to help penetrate the skin to add moisture and shine, but will have a choice products by the brand based on the distinction between the effectiveness of demand, such as Sisley chose malachite produced in extractofMalachite added moisturizing products, which contain copper can make the skin a natural antioxidant system (SOD) enzyme to remain active , so that the cuticle cells store plenty of water. Biotherm's flagship product active springs and dew on the selection of sub-Himalayan pink minerals, within the epidermis to promote cell differentiation, and enhance the quality of natural moisturizing factor NMF, stable cell storage capacity.
The different types of ore will have a different refining process, typically, the first process is to first ore milling and liquefied, and then filtered to analyze and identify the active ingredients, and then to stabilize the pH, extraction can be active biological trace elements. Another method is grinding the ore into small particles, etc., used in combination with skin care products. The powder produced in the skin surface reflects light and promote micro-circulation and so on, Cosmetics material without being absorbed. Now mineral beauty products while taking these two methods refining process, to ensure continuity and immediacy in, have reached good results. Can also be added to ensure that no other possible cause sensitive materials. Source: