Luggage tag hanging on the brand of bags, luggage containing some of the material, washing precautions and other information. From the texture point of view, tag the production of materials, mostly paper, but also plastic, metal. Allard says, luggage tag is eye bags, it is small, its significance is very important.
Many small and medium enterprises luggage tag is not enough attention is paid to them, there are many more companies the domestic market is extremely suited, they reflect the requirements of the domestic market for tag almost harsh. In recent years, luggage tag has become the European Union, the United States and other countries on China set up technical trade measures luggage export focus. However, exports of China-related business luggage tag is not enough attention, inspection and quarantine inspection and supervision departments in the daily sampling results of the tag can not be optimistic, because exports do not meet the requirements of luggage tag returns suffered, the claim incidents have occurred. Tag is small, but it reflects the integrity of the exporter, it is an important indicator of whether or not qualified products,
recycle bag but also the exporters responsible for the specific performance of the consumer.
Now the composition of luggage luggage company to sign "water" seems to have become widespread in the luggage industry, the unspoken rules. With no hair is hair, and say a little cotton is 100% cotton, and some even use words to raise some innovative selling point. However, fraud can deceive people temporarily, but to deceive I know. There luggage tag failed component has three main aspects: the true fabric bags on the composition of plants is unclear, the risk of self-awareness is not strong,
nonwoven bags blindly rely on the suppliers of ingredients tag, there is no time component of the fiber fabric testing and validation; broad based global textile raw material prices, increased costs to businesses with some low-grade part of the textile fabric is characterized by the appearance is not easy to identify to reduce costs in order to obtain greater benefits; fiber content of the different countries of destination of error shall not about. Blended class with luggage, for example, can be found by Schedule United States, the European Union and many other countries and regions have different mandatory, so the ingredients properly marked textiles tag to ensure that exports meet importing country requirements.
The problem of non-standard luggage tag a few years ago a very prominent, affecting the development of export enterprises luggage. The past two years by improving, China's foreign trade enterprises grew rapidly,
non woven bag china but the domestic market-oriented enterprises in this awareness is also generally weak. The globalization of Chinese market bag industry development is a foregone conclusion, or whether to go stick their homes, they can not avoid the tag of the problem. How beautiful in front of their own to fight a war in the market, "tag" is the key point can not be ignored. Luggage tag is the standardization of industry performance directly with international standards. Chinese enterprises must pay attention to luggage tag specification, as it is to enhance the competitiveness of the brand's powerful weapon! Source: