After the surface coating resin lens, clarity and eye protection is important for blocking harmful UV rays and other features greatly improved, especially for distance glasses, often due to frequent wear and outdoor activities, the benefits of coating the lens of the eye lens is the ordinary can not be compared. However, if you pay attention to the use of maintenance, so that the lens scratches the surface of the corrosion film, Zinc oxide with a deeper level, the various functions and clarity gradually reduced, will affect the wear results. Therefore, the maintenance of the resin coated lenses should be given special attention:
 First, the coating resin lenses in addition to planning to avoid touching hot outside, fumes and other corrosive acids should be avoided, such as wearing glasses daily is best not to cook, especially in poorly ventilated smoke large; also can not wear (band) lens into the (near) hot shower environment,
Titanium dioxide will usually be placed on temporary upward convex lenses, the glasses should carry into the box, it should not put in your pocket or bag, so easy to make the film abrasions;
 Second, the coating film easier dirty, and difficult to wipe, such as with an ordinary cloth often just wipe, because the more coarse fiber, may soon make the lens surface mesh scars. The simplest method is to cold water washing right: after the rinse with tap water glasses, a hand upon her beam at the edge or frame,
Neodymium fluoride with the other hand a clean thumb and index finger stained with alkaline soap or detergent, paste knead gently wash both sides of the lens, and then rinse with water, then cotton towels or paper towels to absorb the net water (rubbing gently wash the intensity should be moderate, coarse skin due to some manual or hand mirror stained more coarse dust is not rinse too vigorously will wear lens injury) so the lens can be easily washed very clean and safe. Usually at an inconvenient time washing or the lens is not dirty, should only use a special lens-cleaning cloth or lens paper appropriately. Correct use and maintenance, can long lens in good condition, so that your eyes at any time in the best under. Source: