Vitamin H, also known as biotin, a water-soluble B vitamins. Vitamin H is the body's fat metabolism and other important coenzyme of the reaction of carboxylic group, is also a livestock growth and development essential to a biological catalyst. It mainly used for medicine, nutritional additives, feed additives. In recent years the international market demand, its prices are also soaring, once reached more than 3000 U.S. dollars per kilogram of high-priced.

Vitamin H in the feed additive, medicine and health, cosmetic raw material products and beverages has a wide range of applications. Especially for feed additives, currently most of the global vitamin H production is used in this regard. Previous years, the world market for vitamin H, has been little demand. Europe, North America and Japan, Korea and other developed countries are processed into animal bones, viscera, and other additives added to the beverage, these items contain natural vitamin H, and thus without additional plus vitamin H. European "mad cow" incident, it was found that the cause of the BSE is animal bone meal, offal and other substances are added to the feed. Since then, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have abandoned animal bone meal, offal, switch to the chemical synthesis of a variety of vitamins as feed additives for some time even supply, prices are also rising. And foreign distribution to goods often require the manufacturer to issue a certificate, to confirm that vitamin H is indeed the chemical synthesis production, not the natural items extracted.

The amount of Vitamin H on the Chinese market is not that much, and mostly used in medicine and hygiene. A few years ago, Chinese medicine with vitamin H per year are imported from abroad, imports about 1-1.5 tons per year. Such as a pharmaceutical company in Japan in May 1998 allowed to export to China of vitamin pharmaceutical raw materials, specifications for iron cans into each to listen 100g, 500g, 1 kg, 5 kg , four kinds of packaging.

In contrast, vitamin H is rarely used in feed additives in china by biotin supplier. In the long term, as China's rapid economic development, the 1.3 billion people's living standards continue to improve, demand for meat, poultry, eggs and other food will last, a large increase. According to statistics, China 's feed annual output of about 50 million tons, per kilogram of feed add 0.15μg vitamin calculation, it needs vitamin H 7.5 t. Now feed for more than 30 years possession kilograms per capita in China, Japan, 200 kg, 300 kg in Western Europe. If it reachs the level of developed countries, China's market feed additives only vitamin h per year up to 50 to 70 tons. It can budget, vitamin h in the Chinese market in the future development of space is very great.