The skin consists of three layers: the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. The skin layer is composed of collagen, elastin and other fibers in scaffold of the skin. These elements make the skin smooth and youthful. The same elements are also sensitive to UVA and UVB damage.

UV is in the long wavelength UVA and UVB ultraviolet split. UV, UVA has a wavelength longer able to reach the dermis layer of the greater loss of collagen support skeleton of the epidermis has disappeared, which will form the collapse of epidermal odd role UVB such folds primary in the epidermis, resulting in sunburn or deposition of melanin, the formation of dark spots or skin. Ultraviolet UV-situ reactive oxygen species and matrix metalloproteinases these factors are the cause of wrinkles, because it destroys the collagen matrix layer of the dermis.

Fortunately, the mechanisms of the skin to repair own position as an injury to the rebuilding of collagen, but when the controlled destruction of reactive oxygen species and matrix metalloprotease activity is not effective, they suffered from collagen damage and thus constitutes a serious obstacle to the process of skin repair, astaxanthin is able to significantly attenuated (ROS) and NMP to ensure the destruction of dermal collagen, elastin, normal metabolism of the skin. If the current in combination with oral administration of cosmetic raw material astaxanthin shrimp to eat something rich in collagen added to repair wrinkles will soon.

Astaxanthin its unique molecular structure is known, the absorption peak of his material around 470nm, with similar UV wavelengths, then take the small amount of astaxanthin may be a large amount of UVA rays, while as on Earth, sun cream the most perfect and unique natural prevent the carpet when the umbrella natural anti-reducer, effective protection against UV radiation, quench free radical induced by UV, UV-damaged skin. In addition, it can also cause damage to burns quickly with ultraviolet light to the skin is exposed to retrieve.

Astaxanthin antioxidant activity, anti-tumor and strengthen the immune system of many important physiological and biological functions, and therefore has broad application prospects in additives, aquaculture, cosmetics, health products and industries pharmaceuticals. The international community has used synthetic trans pigment astaxanthin as an additive approved aquaculture. But now, the price of astaxanthin on the market is high, the price of synthetic products from 2000 to 2500 U.S. dollars / kg. Therefore, research and development of astaxanthin important commercial and economic value.

With the development of aquaculture, food and pharmaceutical industry in recent years, China has more and more demand for foreign shrimp. The astaxanthin extracting from the aquatic environment waste has low content, high costs that can not meet the important needs of commercial production. So market outlook  of development and use of astaxanthin should be larger. Source: