The new technology of producing methanol uses the formaldehyde as raw material. It is necessary to meet the technical quality of plastics and synthetic methenamine. Methyl is commonly used for large batch production processes in the carbonylation of methanol in the methods and dehydrogenation of methanol, as methanol carbonylation legal costs in comparison with conventional methyl esterification of L / 3-Methyl demand is l0% of the annual growth rate. With the continuous improvement of the environment requirements, methanol, carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesis in fine chemicals methyl formate process get attention.

Methylamine current global annual production capacity of LL2 million tons, China's annual production capacity of 250,000 tons, the annual world consumption of P65 million tons, increasing consumption of L2%. China's rapid development has also led to dimethylformamide methylamine and dimethylamine, and in particular the growing demand. Belgium developed manufacturing processes methylamine methanol and ammonia as raw materials, development of effective catalysts can be prepared to take the share of methylamine and dimethylamine and trimethylamine, everything is automated stations of continuous production, bringing the total yield was 96.5% and high purity product, catalyst life up to two years. Fine Chemicals is the oxidation of dimethyl carbonate vapor phase carbonylation of methanol, dimethyl carbonate synthesis widespread concern in recent years, environmental issues

Dimethyl ether at room temperature and atmospheric pressure is colorless, flammable gases, non-corrosive, non-toxic, water soluble, ethanol, ether, acetone, chloroform or other solvents, bright, burning flame. DME unique physical and chemical properties of the foundation stone of this sector in world markets, can be widely used in industry, agriculture, health care, daily life, and other fine chemical industries. DME is used primarily on alternative fuels, LPG, coal gas, but also as a propellant in aerosols, refrigerants, foaming agents, etc. The market opportunity is very large, fine chemical industry in the international development goals.

DME-producing countries mainly in the United States, Germany, Britain, France and so on. World annual production of dimethyl ether is more than 20 million tons, production of DME is more than 20,000 tons. 80% of fine chemicals dimethyl ether used in the production of aerosols. Only the aerosol, the world's annual demand for dimethyl ether was 3.75 million tons, China's annual demand is 80,000 tons and an annual increase of 5% and 8%. Dimethyl ether as a propellant in aerosols, refrigerants, blowing agents, only a small part of its purpose, its main purpose is for alternative vehicle fuels, liquefied petroleum gas used in gas energy solutions in China, economic, and environmental protection, the key to sustainable development.

Dimethyl ether as a substitute for diesel fuel is currently the most important areas for industrial applications, dimethyl ether. As we all know, the engine thermal efficiency than gasoline engines of 7-9 percentage points, but the current contamination of diesel and dimethyl ether removal, motor efficiency, environmental protection, etc. will gradually replace the original oil. The maximum amount of triphenyl bismuth oil, China, but also the difference between the highest proportion of oil and gas oil in the first three quarters. The demand for diesel in China is 70 million tons in 2000 reached 108 million tons in 2010. DME instead of diesel fuel for vehicles, is always an urgent need for energy development, but also an inevitable consequence of the demand can be imagined.

Dimethyl ether as one kind of fine chemicals products and domestic fuel, comparing to liquefy petroleum gas, it has higher safety performance and integrating heat value. It doesn’t absorb the carbon residue. It can be mixed and burning with liquefied petroleum gas. It makes the liquefied petroleum gas residue burning. Many advantages of dimethyl ether make the foundation for it replaces liquefied petroleum gas.Source: