Preservatives to be questioned

And used as preservatives in foods, the role of preservatives in skin care products to prevent microbial growth is largely reasonable to extend product shelf life, ensure that the product will not be used during the various contamination and deterioration.

You know, skin care products in the maintenance of components, most are natural organic substances such as amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, vegetable gum, and both are bacteria, microorganisms breed excellent environment, therefore, antiseptic skin care products manufacturers have become process is generally added ingredients. China's cosmetics provision of health standards to be used in cosmetics material and their use of the 67 preservatives limit. And now the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics is Parabens. However, in recent years with the order "without adding" primarily the emergence of the concept of skin care brand, had we all take for granted has become an overnight preservatives hidden in skin care products in the Body of potential killer. In some brands of propaganda under the long-term use of preservatives in skin care products containing not only the skin effect will be greatly reduced, preservatives penetrate the skin and even accelerated aging of the skin over time.

So, preservatives really so terrible? From China Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital dermatologist Wang Qun told reporters, in theory, in effect the same premise, skin care add-on components less allergic the lower the chance. From this perspective, without preservatives of course better, astaxanthin because the preservative itself does not protect the skin on the skin and most preservatives contain some toxicity. But that does not mean that preservatives will certainly damage the skin. "Although a small number of preservatives may be a long time with the active ingredient in skin care products chemical reaction, biotin thus affecting the skin effect and even cause irritation of the skin, but this situation is generally within the warranty period will not appear." Wang Qun that as long as is a good preservative, and the concentration of added standard in the country within the scope of normal skin, even the long-term use, will not cause harm. In his view, the reason why many people are talking about mere mention preservatives, some of the brand is largely over-exaggerated for marketing purposes and the results.

Does not contain preservatives, really possible?

It is undeniable that, from the vision point of view, "preservative" is indeed beneficial for the skin and no minuses. In the green wave of fresh scratch today, "preservative" is clearly more in line with people's "more natural" pursuit. It's no wonder people are now on the "preservative" as a selling point "without adding" skin care products in droves. However, the counter beauty consultant product description on the mouth and declared, "no preservatives" really possible?

If some skin care products on the packaging says "no preservatives", but is marked on the shelf life of 2 years or 3 years, then you have enough reasons to doubt the so-called "preservative" is just a gimmick . Think about it, to make a bottle full of easy to breed bacteria, microbial active ingredients of skin care products to maintain for so long time without deterioration, if not, then how to achieve by preservatives? And Wang Qun, also told reporters that most of the so-called " preservative-free "skin care products, in fact, only without the need for cosmetic regulatory agencies listed on the label marking the type of preservative or preservative added to reduce the amount, but with some essential oils or natural extracts to a certain extent, the role of alternative preservatives.

Essential oils have some antibacterial effect in itself, a bottle of 100% pure essential oils can even save up to 5 years without deterioration. The green tea extract or vitamin E has antioxidant effects, can combine with oxygen in the air, and thus play a role in extending shelf life. However, even these products, usually not too long shelf life, up to 2 to 3 months. There are some skin care products through the addition of alcohol or polyol component elements such as extended shelf life to play a role, but because such ingredients likely to cause skin irritation, so good skin care brands are generally not used.

And for general skin care products, if not completely joined preservatives, or only with low-dose sealed packaging, tretinoin and after a one-time run out in Kaifeng, or up to run out within a week; either through special packaging for skin care products, even in the course also completely isolated. An bottles currently on the market some products on the part of the former; and Avene recently introduced special care series is said to ease the use of a "sterile storage" technology that allows skin care products in the course but also to avoid external contamination. However, these two types of skin care products tend to cost of production and packaging requirements are higher, so of course the price will be higher accordingly.

Preservative-free and safer?

The reason that "no preservatives" has become such a marketing slogan appeal, largely because people tend to be "preservative" and "safer, more effective" equate. So, was it?

Although in theory, can guarantee the same effect if the same shelf-life conditions, minoxidil hold or put less preservatives of course be better, but most of the market at present claim "no preservatives" and even skin care products to reduce the a preservative added, but while adding other ingredients to replace preservatives, and these components also exists the chance of skin caused by sensitive, and therefore it can not simply believe "preservative" is equivalent to more secure. Such as essential oils on the skin may cause irritation and even lead to allergies. And some of the preservatives used to replace natural extracts structure is unstable, it is necessary to achieve the desired preservative effect of technology and cost requirements are very high, only a very small number of international big-name can be achieved.

Therefore, Wang Qun, in regard to the current technical conditions, API supplier the added preservatives on the efficacy of skin care products but more secure. "After all, we use skin care products primarily in order to achieve a maintenance efficiency, not in pursuit of so-called 'no preservatives' at the expense of efficiency." Wang Qun that, on the contrary, the blind pursuit of "no preservatives", to the skin but the risks may be greater.

Large errors corrected

1 cream and mask contained higher concentrations of preservatives?

Not the case, in fact, the concentration of added skin care products is the size and volume of the product shelf life is proportional to the length, with the texture of their skin care products has nothing to do.

(2) claim to be sterile pharmaceutical production standards to achieve the drug store skin care products, added preservatives will be less?

Even some of the production process according to pharmaceutical standards to achieve sterility of skin care products, does not mean they will certainly add preservatives than other types of skin care less. After as long as Kaifeng, it will face a variety of outside contamination, to ensure that it is in a certain period of time, will not deteriorate in the course, also need to add sufficient preservative.