Artificial musk belong to the musks.But it is different with most of the natural musks. The musk is a group with aroma compounds and a cheap alternative to natural musk. Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand lotion, shower gel, shampoo, cleanser, softener, lotion, shaving cream, laundry detergent and air fresheners’ products contain artificial musks. Most of the compound is toxically and has been proven in many studies with the carcinogenic risk.

For musk R-1 air fresheners, there are two kinds of aerosol and spray on the market. But basically they are composed by the ether, flavors and other ingredients. There are two obvious defects for air fresheners: clean air and against the nervous system. First of all, certain chemicals will pollute the air. Secondly, the air fresheners can against the nervous system and stimulate the respiratory mucosa. It is only through the distribution of fragrance to cover up the smell, gives an air purifying illusion. The musk affects the immune system, multi-national which is now banned.

Natural musk R-1 is a secretion of the glandular sac between the navel and genitals from male musk deer. They can be used as medicine and can also be made as spices. To take one kilogram of musk needs to kill 30-50 musk deer. At the end of 2003, the endangered musk deer is listed as a protected species, the musk has thus become a key program management supplies. International trade in musk is strictly prohibited. Thus, artificial musk began to appear, its synthesis is extremely complicated for the raw material oil.

In 1926, there are 108 kinds of musk-like compounds. But only 11 kinds realize commercialization. At present, artificial musk different structure is divided into three main categories: nitro musk and polycyclic musk, musks. Among them, the former two structures and natural musk is completely different macrocyclic musk similar to the natural musk, but the extraction of the high cost is not commercial. First, to replace the natural octylferrocene in their daily lives, people use the most nitro-musk, the amount of nitro musk is musk xylene and musk ketone. The quality of the aroma of musk ketone, xylene elegant, is generally used as a fixative agent to modulate the cosmetics and soap flavor.

Artificial musk is a fragrances additive of the industry. It is used in daily chemical industry due to two reasons: First, with special flavor, such as animal odor, floral and fruity aromas. It has the ability to produce the flavor and maintain the flavor. The Japan earliest makes artificial musk disabled in the cosmetics, detergents and other Japanese goods. Detected in breast milk and adipose tissue residual musk, musk side effects of endocrine disrupters and impacts of biological hormones play a role in normal and carcinogenic. In 1995, ambrette musk also had been complete ban by the EU. Since 1998, the parachutes musk and Tibet musk are also prohibited in cosmetics use.

In Chinese market, the extensive use substances are still musk xylene and musk ketone. The places of origin are located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Tianjin and Shanghai. The man-made musk pathogenesis is absorbing through the skin and the body enrichment. Body lead citrate absorption is mainly through the two ways: skin and the airs. In the use of cosmetics, perfume and shampoo, part of the musk compounds remain in the human body and direct contact with the human skin. When entering into the body, it causes liver and kidney burden. It affects the immune system. The chronic hazards can cause teratogenic and tumor.Source: