Astaxanthin is used in the dye, food freshness and nutrition. Astaxanthin is soluble in fat, and has bright red swing color. It is a kind of powerful antioxidant food. It plays an important role in maintenance freshness for fishes. Japanese red astaxanthin oil are used in marinated vegetables and seaweed. They all get patents. The astanxanthins are also used to color drinks, noodles and spices.

astaxanthin has strong color strength. Research has shown that different colors in different amounts of soybean oil, astaxanthin has. Add to 0.0001 percent, which shows a bright orange-yellow, then to 0.002%, and a beautiful red-orange, red 0.005 percent is severe, when added 0.05 percent, black. In other words, the intensity of astaxanthin is a strong, it may be very small piece of a very good result.

There are plenty of astaxanthin medication to nutritional supplements for fatigue capsule motion and beauty capsule, capsules, to turn on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, capsules relieve carpal tunnel syndrome in the capsule to protect the blood circulation, skin astaxanthin capsules dietary supplement, and so on.

The use of astaxanthin and other functional groups may have many functions. It is ne popular trend. Group Astaxanthin and Bilberry Extract to improve the visual function of astaxanthin and an extract of Ginkgo biloba group places emphasis on improving blood flow to the brain reinforce other carotenoid astaxanthin, a powerful group of astaxanthin complex rice embryo extracts to improve the moisturizing effect on the muscles, sesame and sesame astaxanthin groups of subjects with physical features and transform astaxanthin sesamin is a healthy diet. At this time, functional food contained in a capsule form is mixed with products of all three shrimps with 2.0 mg of astaxanthin. This may be a well-functioning health care system.

Astaxanthin is the beauty of the food industry, 90% of cosmetic raw material suppliers launched a range of beauty foods that containing astaxanthin. A great aspect for cosmetics is the antioxidant. Astaxanthin is the strongest type of antioxidants. Oral taking plays an important role in removing fine lines and wrinkles or protect skins from the sun. Source: