For understanding the role of astaxanthin in human body, it is necessary to know the role of oxygen on the human body. It will relate to the nature of oxygen. Oxygen is investigate transported to any parts of the body by erythrocyte, thus it raises the discussion of nature of red blood cells. The nature of red blood cells is iron. Iron is one main raw material of hemoglobin in advanced aerobic biological synthesis. It is also has bi-directional capability. It delivers oxygen to various parts of the life, transports and releases carbon dioxide in tissue glutathione metabolism to the lungs. Then it will go out of the body.

Contact with any substance will be any material atoms in the outer electronic and run atoms then obtain electronic movement due to the properties of the oxygen is oxygen, the iron in the electronic movement has played the role of conductor, constituted by the iron hemoglobin oxygen carrier. If the constant friction with plastic comb the fur on, you can with a plastic comb paper adsorption up, which is generated by the friction call? Red blood cells every second, when to do it two-way function is also in the friction in the other block the normal operation of the electric field, I referred to this block of the normal operation of the electric field of the electrostatic field. Because aerobic vivo the role of the electrostatic field of two undesirable hidden: an aerobic cells can not get enough oxygen; two cell surfaces resides not promptly excreted carbon dioxide.

Astaxanthin’s essence is to absorb carbon dioxide. Astaxanthin is a prime rain pluvialis extract, astaxanthin essentially is to lift the retention of carbon dioxide within the body. Today, everyone knows us inhaling fresh oxygen to breathe out carbon dioxide, but it further to think that our body will still reside on the carbon dioxide?

The outcome of the biological sciences in medical science, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, migraine headaches, brain lipids, macular visual cataract and glaucoma, the failure of sexual function, osteoporosis, skin rough evaluation of the medical profession gives the best is: Astaxanthin, a natural, the best anti-oxidants! Astaxanthin used in hypertension, high cholesterol, high and low blood sugar, yellow eyes, the retina is not clear, headache, arthralgia hands and feet, insomnia, constipation, skin rough and any inflammations.

The use of astaxanthin: if the patient’s bowel has a variety of colors, the one is severe for sub-health. He should continuous take until the stool showing a single yellow. It is best to stick using it for the one with the yellow eyes. The biotin drug should be taken until the eyes turn from yellow to blue or white. The one with headache could insist suing it until no headaches. Insomnia patients can be corrected to no longer insomnia. Skin becomes delicate after a few days later. The visible, high cholesterol, high blood pressure high or low blood sugar need more time to cure. Because astaxanthin oxide can clear the cells, the fatty layer of cells, it can achieve anti-inflammatory, especially for recessive inflammation. Comparing to detoxify drugs and food, astaxanthin has no side effects. The former tends to contain certain types of drugs with stimulation for intestinal excretion. The latter is to repair the original cells.