With the improvement of people's living standards, the hair dye as a hair cosmetic has been gradually stepped into ordinary people’s life. It is a modern self-expression and personalized embellishment. The hair dye can make hair color return to nature and make up for the regret of some inherent or acquired. As a personality and stylish embellishment, many people change the single hair color. On the basis of the original hair color, the dye changes or adjusts the colors of hairs in pursuit of colorful hair.

In recent years, the global hair dye market demand is strong. It has become the most active development in the field of cosmetics products. The global hair dye market in the past few years, the average annual growth of around 5%, twice faster than the market of hair care products, with annual retail sales up to $ 7O more than 100 million. Expected in the next few years, the growth rate of demand will also increase rate of 8% to 10%.

However, in traditional hair dyes, inorganic mineral hair dye containing Ph, Ni, co, and other heavy metals has certain toxicity. With certain specific enzyme in the human body, it forms complexes directly interfere with and disrupt the normal physiology of the enzyme activity. Hair dye chemical biotin synthesis of aromatic amine compounds, oxidants, polyphenols and other components have a certain toxicity and allergenicity. The hair can also cause serious damage such as caused by the loss of protein in the hair, the crystallinity decreased tensile strength, elasticity, toughness decrease, in particular, a number of permanent hair dyes.

Gradually increase along with the awareness of people's health and beauty science continues to progress, people no longer satisfied with the dyeing of hair products for hair, but the participation of the pursuit of physical health as well as hair products, nutrients for hair metabolism. Back to nature trend, it is an urgent need for safe and nontoxic, does not cause an allergic reaction in natural plant hair dyes. The natural plant hair dye is becoming a hair dye market trends.

In hair dye for natural plant more and more in-depth, such as France, India has successfully developed a natural hair dye minoxidil hematoxylin as raw materials. Japan has also been launched to capsaicin, acid, shellac, cochineal and other raw materials, natural hair dye. The active ingredient in the gall of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Polygonum multiflorum, hematoxylin, black sesame seeds, black beans, etc. Black, the Chinese cosmetics experts carried out extensive research, laid the foundation for the development of natural plant hair dye products. China recently developed all-natural fast-growing black oil is the use of Gardenia extract and water-soluble pigment complex preparation of the new products. Natural products and technological innovations are driving the development of the hair industry.

The most successful application is henna. There is a indigo ingredient in henna. It can be used in producing black dyes. The henna ground objects or parts of henna ground material, especially for the ground freeze-dried formulations can be developed as a hair dye composition.Source:http://www.cosprm.com