In the traditional fine chemical industries, the new product of fine chemicals is being more and more attention. In recent years, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Degussa and other companies in China has invested in the field of fine chemicals. Currently, Degussa in China, Shanghai, Qingdao, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Beijing and other regions have production facilities, China has become an important field of fine chemicals companies.

    Emerging field of fine chemicals market demand and macroeconomic scale and level of development is closely related to the developed countries has been a global leader in the industry. China started emerging in the fine chemicals market after the reform and opening up, in part, without the development of the industry there is no modern manufacturing and modern life. Although the global economic crisis will affect the new field of fine chemicals, Copper Chromite(CC) but with China's consumption structure and economic growth mode from quantity to quality transformation, emerging fine chemicals will have more room for development. On the other hand, the global financial crisis has led to substantial reduction in market demand, Europe and America some of the chemical manufacturers have begun to withdraw some of the production processes, or close the plant. China emerging as a promising fine chemical base, these cut-off device can be acquired, through the formation of large industrial groups to enhance industrial competitiveness.

    Financial crisis, due to the unique nature of the market and technology, most of the fine chemical products is far less than the harm to ordinary chemical products (such as sulfur, sulfuric acid). Fine chemical dependence on proprietary technology, Triphenyl Bismuth market transformation quickly, are Kuaijinkuaichu industry. Fine chemical industry in numerous disciplines, involving a wide range of great influence by the industrial policy, structural adjustment and technological progress from the perspective of intensive management is the future direction of China's fine chemical development. Established in many parts of China Chemical Industry Park, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid and appropriate incentives, many of which have highlighted the Fine Chemical Industry Park chemical characteristics. This is conducive to the upstream and downstream fine chemical industry, and with convergence, will greatly promote the development of fine chemical industry, the future development prospects.

    Emerging field of fine chemicals will usher in the strategic development phase leading edge technology companies concern

    New Energy Chemicals: PV demand to grow to ensure a liquid crystalline silicon cutting and EVA packaging film and other needs; electric car is coming for the added impetus to the development of lithium batteries, cathode material, electrolyte, lithium hexafluorophosphate and other related materials will be into the high growth

    Electronic chemicals: the development by industry recovery, Octylferrocene transfer of production capacity and policy support to the three power-driven, one of the liquid crystal materials, chemicals and electronic information capacitors chemicals will have better growth prospects

    Pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates: Product replacement is the eternal theme, and a large number of patented products, fine chemicals suppliers custom manufacturing model is about to expire and the promotion of the rapid development of domestic enterprises to provide a guarantee

    Engineering adhesives (used in electronics, solar energy, wind power, automobile, shipping and many other fields): High performance silicone, acrylate rubber, polyurethane rubber and other high-growth prospects better, import substitution and a huge space industry concentration

    Environmentally friendly materials: high-temperature dust filter bag cleaning products and energy demand growth prospects clearly.