In 2015, fine chemical industry output will reach 1.6 trillion yuan, more than doubled compared to 2008, chemical self-sufficiency rate of 80% or more, into the great power and fine chemical powers. Relevant state departments in the petrochemical industry, "second five" plan that the future chemical industry to "raise the total high-end fine chemicals, high-end areas such as chemical synthesis intermediates and green technology, electronic chemicals, high performance water treatment chemicals , functional food additives, high-performance environmentally friendly flame retardant, rubber chemicals and environmentally friendly high-performance plastics additives will be the focus direction. "

    Future sustainable growth

    Relative to bulk chemicals, fine chemical products with high added value, periodic weak, small fluctuations in the market. According to statistics, the domestic sales of fine chemical industry, the rate of 95% gross margin in the industry as a whole about 18% -20% for four consecutive years of total sales revenue and profit growth rate remained at 15% or more.

    At present China's fine chemical products in the industry growth in the future there may be alternative to imported products, the industry grew faster than bulk chemicals, a huge space for future development.

    Focus on intermediate industries

    Chemical intermediates are basic raw materials of downstream chemical products, fine chemical suppliers products, raw materials, but also in the chemical industry plays a vital role, as China-based petrochemical and fine chemical industry's rapid development, coupled with environmental requirements in developed countries increasing in recent years, global production and trade center of organic intermediates gradually transferred to developing countries, and formed a China, India, the core of organic intermediates for the production area. At present, China has formed intermediate industrial research and development to production and sales from a more complete system, can produce pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and other 36 categories, more than 40,000 kinds of intermediates. From exports, China's annual exports of intermediates more than 500 million tons, has become the world's largest producer and exporter of intermediates.

    In the pharmaceutical intermediates, the value of domestic production of pharmaceutical intermediates in 2007 has reached 240 billion yuan, accounting for China's fine chemical industry, nearly 20% of GDP, the output reached 5.2 million tons. The products Triphenyl Bismuth not only meet the needs of China's pharmaceutical production and export overseas countries and regions, very competitive in the international market. Large-scale foreign patent medicine industry due pharmaceutical intermediates in China will bring new catalyst, because the drug patent expires, generic drug production will be related to explosive growth, thus boosting demand for pharmaceutical intermediates related to rapid growth. 2014 will mark the expiration of the patent medicine peak, which peak will occur in 2014, a total of 326 drug patents expire in 2010 and 2017, two years before and after the relative peak year, there were 205,242 drug patents expire, species due mainly anti-infective drugs, endocrine, neurological, cardiovascular, market is huge. With the aging of our population intensify, the future domestic demand-related drugs will show an increasing trend, the domestic pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical intermediates business will benefit from the rapid development of the market.

    Since 2000, China has entered the aging society ,2010-2040 will be the aging of Lead Citrate our population growth period. Expected in 2026, over 60 of China's population will reach 300 million, a super-elderly-oriented country. Aging population, medical services, high consumer groups, the elderly, drug consumption market consumption of drugs accounted for 1 / 2, the acceleration of the aging process is bound to drive the demand for drugs, thus contributing to the development of pharmaceutical intermediates industry.

    In addition, the rapid development of the international pharmaceutical 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid market and a higher proportion of outsourced production is the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical intermediates catalyst. It is estimated that over the next five years, the global pharmaceutical market compound annual growth rate will be between 5-8%, including emerging markets such as Asia, Africa, Latin America will grow faster than average, over the next five-year average annual compound growth rate is expected to reach 12-15%. Global pharmaceutical production to Asia, to further expand the scope of outsourcing. According to statistics, in 2008 plans to outsource production in Asia, 33% corporate rate, an increase of 10 percentage points in 2007, the next is expected to continue to improve.