Non ferrous metal powder refers to the metal powder and alloy. It doesn’t contain the ferrous metal. According to the classification of iron and non iron, it means metal powder and alloy powder excluding ferrous metal. The difference between the two classifications is only about chromium and manganese. Among nearly 70 kinds of elements of non-ferrous metals, the metal powder products with important application account for about 1/3.

The copper powder can be used as raw materials of powder metallurgy and products, such as copper-based oil bearing, friction materials, brush, double-metal bearing, structural parts, electrical parts, filter elements and other raw materials, powder metallurgy materials and products, raw materials, components connection with the infiltration agent and product components. Tin powder, lead powder and zinc powder is mainly used for the production of atomization. Tin, lead, zinc and major alloying element in copper alloy, thus extensive use of copper powder production of copper-based powder metallurgy materials and products to add the tin of powder, lead powder and zinc powder as a raw material component. Also, be directly applied to take the soldering fluxes, rubber and plastic additives, pyrotechnics, metal pigment.

Aluminum powder and magnesium powder is mainly used for the production of the atomization method. Magnesium powder can also be machined by the solid magnesium preparation. The production of aluminum, magnesium powder to take the explosion-proof, flameproof safety measures. A wide range of direct application of the aluminum consumption ranks first in the non-ferrous metal powder. Mainly used as a metallic pigment, printing ink, paint and coatings and aerospace propellants, explosives, fireworks, etc.. Used as pigments, paints, foil aluminum flake is also taken by the specialized system of the wet milling process. Magnesium powder and aluminum powder used for hot metal reducing agents, explosives and pyrotechnic devices such as lighting bombs, signal flares. Aluminum powder metallurgy products, office machinery and other applications. Production of tungsten, platinum, Tam, briefly and Chin powder, tungsten powder and aluminum oxide reduction.

The titanium alloy powder with the rotating electrode atomization or inert gas atomization method of production has been used in the production of aviation, aerospace uses parts. Nickel powder and diamond powder, nickel powder can be used multiple methods of production, and according to the method of the characteristics of their main industrial applications. Electrolysis, reduction and atomization of nickel powder production methods, its powder performance can meet the general requirements of the application of nickel powder, such as the manufacture of porous filter elements, dense nickel material parison, powder metallurgy structural parts and its alloying elements additives.

The production process of carbon-based compounds thermal decomposition can be used in ultra fine and fine grade nickel powder. The powder has high purity and great activity. It is mainly used in the production of batteries, fuel cell plates, chemical catalyst materials, porous separation materials, electromagnetic shielding materials and powder metallurgy materials, such as magnetic materials, its alloying elements and other additives. Water metallurgical method is mostly used in the integrated treatment of nickel-rich intermediate products. Most of them are made as nickel pills for metallurgical purpose. And a small amount of nickel powder is applied in powder rolling. While some of them are used in the production of coins.