In the world in a plastic bag to bring attention to the contemporary white pollution, how to reduce plastic bag usage, reduce the pressure on the environment, is the time to explore the world questions. With plastic bags, paper shopping bags, basket of competition, non-woven bags stand out, "temporarily" come out on top.
Why do I say, non-woven bags only "temporarily" come out on top it? Because non-woven bags and plastic bags, as is, raw materials are the same, and abandoned in the degradation of the environment is extremely difficult, equally large impact on the environment. Another point, non-woven plastic bags is much greater than the thickness, that is, the same size of non-woven plastic bags more than ten times spent thirty-four material, so if you can not recycle, like disposable plastic bags thrown wildly, causing the destructive plastic bags a few times also. Thus seen, the use of non-woven bags as shopping bags, is temporary, is the last resort of expediency. With advances in technology, social development,
nonwoven bags behind the product is bound to become, deprived of the name of environmental protection, shopping is more environmentally friendly alternative products.
In China, there is a wrong understanding and "unhealthy" is an industry with non-woven bags, along with other industry on the use of non-woven bags, not in accordance with the actual situation of their own businesses,
rpet bag like the use of non- Textile fabric bags on the environment, and their corporate image from tall and up; do not use non-woven bag is not fashionable, and other enterprises, inferior, and even that is opposing and promoting environmental protection. You know, non-woven plastic bags than to "bad" is much more tension, abrasion resistance is also much worse, cleaning up the considerable trouble. The environmental characteristics of non-woven bags can be used multiple times, which requires non-woven bag material must reach a considerable thickness.
The thickness of the general non-woven bags to 80 g above to be "strong" this point. This means that companies using non-woven bags must have the strength, otherwise,
reusable bag very thin non-woven bags, does not take a few times on the drain pocket and had to abandon, then, non-woven bags are also devastating than the plastic bags out of how many times the bags have a reputation that is true.
On the other hand, if plastic bags do enough standards to achieve the single wire above 2.5 can also be used multiple times. Source: