For the definition of reusable shopping bags are not biodegradable as a corollary to the requirements, but also from repeated use of the point of view. In thickness, non-woven plastic bags several times; in the manufacturing process, plastic blow molding process is used, while the non-woven fabric is used in spray technology. These are making a lot of strong non-woven bags than plastic bags. Meanwhile, non-woven polyester in easy cleaning ingredients to make it more conducive to reuse. Taking all factors compared to non-woven bags and paper bags than plastic bags is more practical
Plastic shopping bags are consumable in daily life, every day we consume a large amount of plastic shopping bags. Due to excessive use and recycling bag is not in place and other reasons, resulting in a serious waste of energy resources and environmental pollution has become a major source of white pollution. Many people believe that plastic bags are the best alternatives. Paper bag can be made of different specifications, and similar bags, in particular, is that it can be recycled, environmentally friendly.
Use paper really environmentally friendly? Environmentalists disagree, mass production of paper bags would lead to deforestation, is in fact damage the environment, not conducive to environmental protection, this is actually a misunderstanding. Gansu Environmental Protection Bureau official said, recycled paper bags paper fiber is very short, not too much weight, to improve the negative weight, must be carried out over plastic or rubber handle, the processes still need to use plastic. And if we take into account such factors as the current scarcity of trees, once the plastic bags with paper bags instead, is bound to cut down large trees, and the results will cause ecological damage.
Strong non-woven bags, also can be used repeatedly, and its most advantageous thing is for everyone, in the interview, most people are inclined to this. Some of the best-designed non-woven bags beautiful, young people will be willing to spend shopping. Even without shopping, work, friends and the like occasions, holding also appropriate. Government agencies to work in the Miss Tian hope for the best non-woven bags are collapsible, folding up when not in use, recycle PET reusable bag is certainly welcomed by the workers. In the interview, part of the non-woven bags for older consumers demand not so much, and have actually very concerned about the environmental shopping mall offers a number of money bags, knot is not strong, can be repeatedly used many times this problem.
While more and more people choose non-woven plastic bags as an alternative, reusable bag some people made a point of view: non-woven bags and plastic bags are the same, so not environmentally friendly? Reporters learned that the main component of non-woven bags are polypropylene or polyester, these polymers do not degrade in a short time. Nevertheless, some experts said, is biodegradable bags are not the only criterion to measure. Characteristics of non-woven reusable still decide that it is environmentally friendly.
According to insiders, non-woven cloth than paper, and the general advantage of a short and basic manufacturing process does not produce waste water, waste gas and waste; in the course due to folding, rpet bag easy to carry, you can repeat the cleaning and use; As the decomposition of polypropylene heat or combustion is carbon dioxide and water, will not harm the human body, so recovery time is also environmentally friendly. Compared with non-woven bags and plastic bags, the price is high, but it has a tensile strength, tear-resistant, anti-bursting, high-strength, extension coefficient, high mechanical strength advantage, and has good air permeability, dope dyeing are , does not fade and other advantages.
Compared with plastic bags
Bags of the benefits:

 1 to promote international trade
From the perspective of promoting trade, ISO14000 is a flexible environmental management system standard. It requires companies in addition to its environmental policy on compliance with laws, regulations and make a commitment to continuous improvement, recycle PET bag but does not require absolute environmental performance requirements, so the two engaged in similar activities but with different environmental performance, companies may have achieved ISO14000 requirements. Meanwhile, ISO14000 stressed that according to their environmental situation in the region, consistent with national rather than export markets in the region where the country's environmental laws and regulations. This reflects the principle of reciprocity of trade, help to eliminate technical barriers to trade.

 (2) improve management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises
a. the benefits of the organization
Enhance the awareness of corporate management and environmental management commitment and support staff;
Improve the corporate image of all the people like you;
A good relationship with the local community is no longer because of unnecessary friction and distraction;
Easier to recruit employees of a clean environment to attract highly qualified personnel to join;
Reduce the risk of reducing consumer lawsuits and legal actions of government departments, environmental audit and is expected to help identify problems and take corrective measures to solve the problem;
Lower insurance costs reduce the risk of accidents;
Easier access to bank with financial support environmental management system for business-related project's environmental impact assessment.
b. the benefits of the business
Reduce the cost of cleaning waste and emissions reduction;
Reduce the risk of catastrophic accidents in the environmental management system in a clear risk to the environment and prevention;
Improve the technical level of technology and process innovation;
Saving energy, reducing costs;
Reduce waste disposal costs.
c. the benefits of enterprise product development
Product innovations such as using recycled paper to do the packaging, non woven bag china the products produced less energy consumption
d. the benefits of corporate marketing
Better environmental laws and regulations of retailers selling pressure;
Features to improve the competitive advantage in the environment;
Stronger international competitiveness.
Bags disadvantages: almost none.
The benefits of plastic bags: easy, cheap, widely available.
Plastic bags harm: not easily degradable, long buried in the ground does not rot, a burden to the earth mother.