With the environmental bags in hot sales, more and more people who pursuit of fashion are keen to take a bag out, but have you thought about this little small bags may not be environmentally friendly, even may affect your health when you choose the bags in addition to pay attention to the style and quality? Today I will share you with the bags production processes and materials.
Environmental handbags is the same as the other handbags, have a strict and standard production process, from fabric selection, pattern design and printing, color and so on after the set is said to be very dressy. Bleaching, not bleached, bleaching materials, concentration, to the extent, may all have strict standards. When the amount of chemical dyeing is strictly controlled, and so on, elegant place, but a lot of it! Identify low-quality bag is the easiest way to smell the odor,
nonwoven bags if even this small problem, never do, not to mention the other request. If you buy a small bag if the heavy smell of it, but there is a great health risk!
In China this has not yet been improved, while prohibiting the production of plastic bags, but not a standard item, in addition to the emergence of a large number of non-woven bags, non-woven fabric is a synthetic product,
rpet bag is the textile Short fibers or filaments directed or random support columns to form a fiber network structure, and mechanical, thermal or chemical methods such as reinforcement stick together. A non-woven shopping bags can be completely decomposed in 90 days. The pollution of the risks in relatively large, non-woven industrial raw materials now constitute roughly as follows: 63% polypropylene, 23% polyester, 8% viscose, 2% acrylic fiber, 1.5% for the polyamide, and the remaining 3% other fibers. Enterprise hard-fought price of serious risks, product quality problems began to appear. In the absence of uniform quality standards, making production and sales mixed bags, and some abuse of environmental protection and shoddy products, and some in the non-woven fabrics mixed with calcium carbonate filler, and some strength not easily tear, non woven bag china and some washed once can not be reused. "There is no single market rules, disorderly competition, to the formal business and damage the interests of consumers.
Choose canvas and cotton shopping bags are also the same when there are many problems, especially in the bleaching process used in the chemical concentration has a very strict limits. Chinese cotton and canvas have been doing relatively little,
recycle bag mainly the problem of high cost. Have not yet found the introduction of relevant standards and related expert analysis. Therefore, we choose the time, but pay attention to, an environmentally friendly shopping bag is really just a bag of problems, but also related to personal health. Source:www.cnmhc.com