"Organic" is thunder wave, and quickly spread from the table to the field of beauty. Organic skin care has become the most fashionable, but, what is organic skin care? Natural enough? Without adding enough? Or quickly make up a lesson, do not become an amateur organic skin care oh.

Natural non-organic

Almost most of the organic beauty brand will have a story: the inventor of an entirely because they can not be assured of the product and, therefore, astaxanthin their own back garden to grow flowers and plants, made of pure natural organic skin care products. The story itself is dramatic and near-mythical, whether true or false these stories have conveyed a message: organic skin care products are all natural.

However, natural skin care products is not necessarily "organic." Certified organic skin care products through, not only requires natural ingredients, biotin and even more emphasis on "organic" way to obtain the raw materials grown, so has the level of natural plant care products than some of the more stringent. For example, the same aloe vera and natural extracts in cosmetics as long as it can, but fight on the "organic" label would require at least 3 years of tree aloe is generally not used chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides on the soil for cultivation, and strict control the process. Ecocert in France, the organization provides natural skin care products must contain at least 50% natural or naturally derived ingredients, while at least 5% organic natural ingredients can only be defined as natural plant care products. Thus, Cosmetics material the real was "organic" skin care products authentication is not as expected so much.

Body only appropriate

To achieve the most natural and organic skin care products on the best skin care results, glutathione be sure to pay attention to their own skin. Organic skin care products skin care products is not a panacea, the time to buy according to their skin, but also to choose the right product. Natural organic skin camp series, organic palm oil can fill Brazilian wet repair; oxidation of organic olive oil to moisten; soothing organic aloe vera is effective for different populations may be a suitable choice of their own.

For dry skin, rosehip oil, shea butter, minoxidil olive oil rich in vitamin A can nourish dry skin and prevent skin wrinkling; vitamin E to moisturize the skin to dry. The oily skin can choose to have tea tree, rosemary and other ingredients, and its contraction can tighten loose skin, but also to reduce congestion, swelling of the situation, to be effective bactericidal anti-inflammatory. Sensitive skin use licorice root, calendula, lavender and other extraction products is very good, also has the function of soothing calm.

Mix the organic

At present, some advanced organic brand, has solved the high-tech materials and natural organic balance between, API supplier to use nanotechnology to make better ingredients are absorbed. At the same time, natural organic skin care products and other products of plant mix is
​​not necessarily restrictive, you can also plant organic natural skin care products with some of the medical efficacy of cosmetic products with the same time, for example to add vitamin A to strengthen skin cream milk the effect of anti-wrinkle and firming the pores, and then 100% natural organic rosehip oil to enhance skin repair moisturizing effect, natural rosehip oil use of vitamin A can calm irritation and drying potential problems. So with these two under, it has a very good complementary role. Source:www.cosprm.com