In 3500 BC, chia seed became one of main foods for Aztecs. Chia seed can be used alone as a food. It can be eat blending with other grain. The Indians will drink the chia seeds which are soaked in water where in water. Sometimes, they made it into powders and squeezed it into the oil as staple foods or medicines.

The Aztecs believe that the medicinal value of chia seed is very high. Currently retain records of use chia seed in treatment of many diseases, and sometimes alone use chia seed, and sometimes put it with other herbs mixed together. Such as hyperthermia, fever or other reasons, especially when walking in hot weather for a long time, drinking a separate barbecue and grinding through chia seed made the drinks, you can achieve the purpose of cooling.

The pharmaceutical raw materials chia seed has effectiveness of oil lubrication. The ancient Mexicans use it in cosmetics. It increased brilliance for worship and celebration. Smear to chia seed oil in the feet and legs, can also resist water damage. In addition, the chia seed oil can be used to protect statues and seafood from the water and air spoilage.

In the 1990s, the world's food reserves have more than 20% of the demand to provide food for a growing world population problem has basically been resolved. However, due to the impact of economic globalization, a few traditional crops such as corn, rice, wheat, barley has become the main source of food for the world's population. The world's population relies on only a limited number of crop varieties; the phenomenon has attracted many people's concerns, because this is likely to bring huge agricultural crisis and human nutrition. In fact this worry has been scientifically proven.

Source of food too single nutrition uneven results caused a large number of diseases and sub-health, have all contributed to Western scientists dedicated to finding new crops, and the research to improve human health nutrients. In the last two decades of the twentieth century, human beings vigorously study the relationship between ω-3 fatty acids and health. Epidemiological studies began to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids in foods and coronary heart disease incidence rates decreased, and the reduction of all causes of death linked. Chia seed stands out in 20 years’ study from western scientists. People can buy chia seed to treat those diseases.

In fact, as early as 3500 BC, humans began to make chia seed as the food. Especially the Aztecs and Mayans, the chia seed has been as one of their staple food. Chia seed contain the germ and endosperm and is a true whole grain food. Some evidence suggests that long-term consumption of whole grain foods can help promote good health and can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

The latest research points out why chia seed become the main dietary source in ancient Central American civilization. Chia seed has a high nutritional value. It is most likely to re-enter the human diet in the near future. It may also play a role in animal feeding. At the same time, the convenience brought about by the new technology information make people believed that agriculture will certainly enter the era of the new and ancient crops.Source: