Musk is a valuable medicine. It is one kind of secretions from male musk’s glandular. It has the functions of refreshing, quieting and antispasmodic effects. In the study of pharmacological effects of musk, the main focus is its impact on the central nervous system. There are also more reports on anti-inflammatory, analgesic, enhancing immunity, anti allergic and anti early pregnancy. Musk R-1 has been used in clinical treatment of vascular headache, imperfecta of children’s intelligence, coronary heart disease, rheumatism arthralgia and malignant.

Musk has significant effects on early, middle and late inflammation. Especially it has great effects on early and mid-term inflammation. The peptides extracted from musk croton oil-induced inhibition of mouse ear inflammation with ED50 0.63mg/kg. Musk anti-inflammatory mechanism may be associated with nervous excitement pituitary adrenal cortex system, such as musk water solubles 80mg/kg intravenous Oh reduce the adrenal ascorbic acid content of 100mg/kg. Subcutaneous injection can improve peripheral corticosterone lead citrate content, removal of the adrenal gland and its anti inflammatory effects disappear, but the removal of the pituitary, anti inflammatory effects still exist, and explain its role and adrenal integrity exist closely related.

In recent years, anti-inflammatory active ingredient musk is isolated from musk water solubles. 1 ~ 100μg/ml concentration of musk -1 can significantly inhibit neutral leukocyte PAF to generate a comparable control group decreased by 13.4% to 53.4%, inhibit the acetyltransferase activity from 18.2% to 45.9%, intracellular calcium levels can be reduced by 16.3% to 37.8%. The musk -1 inhibits neutrophil production and acetyl coenzyme A-dependent acetyltransferase activity may be one of the musk anti-inflammatory mechanism.

A lot of research suggests that play an important role in the pathogenesis of inflammation in the nerve root after disc. Body degeneration or herniated organization autoimmune response may be one of the reasons that produce inflammation which cause radicular pain or cervical spondylosis. By both sides next to the removal of animals on the cervical spine and lead salicylate interspinous ligament and separation of cervical muscles caused by the imbalance on the cervical spine mechanics, and induced degenerative changes of cervical disc. Artificial musk reduce the immunomodulatory effects of degenerative cervical disc IgG content, and reduce the cause chasing change the disc's own immune response and inflammation.

In the bilioenteric bridge catheter drainage combined with musk abdominal built-in treatment, people often use sterilization processing 3g musk edge of the greater omentum in the abdominal cavity folding method wrapped. It is placed in the tumor next to the relatively fixed. In 14 to 28 days after surgery, the clinical symptoms disappeared and discharged. After 6 to 30 months, the jaundice subsided without fever and cancer pain. Survival period is longer than one year. Quality of patients’ lives is improved.Source: