Semiconductor lighting (LED light emitting diode lighting) with energy-saving, environmental protection, long life and other significant technical advantages compared with existing energy-saving lamps can save up 40%, is considered a new generation of lighting equipment, very promising.

As an important basis of modern industrial materials, plastics in the LED lighting industry will also play an important role, such as LED optics, packaging and cooling system applications.

The LED lighting market hot

China is the world of lighting manufacturing superpower, the second largest exporting country, Zinc oxide but the application of domestic energy-saving lamps and the amount is not a small country in Europe, the market potential needs to explore. Based on current technology and market momentum, the industry's mainstream projections tend to LED lighting will occur between 2014-2015, the explosive growth, mainly into the home lighting, lighting in 2020 is expected to occupy more than half of the market.

80% of China's LED industry in the packaging field, many OEM manufacturers in the upstream core technology, chip, wafer level advanced proprietary technology and still a big gap, and the traditional lighting of the LED package can not meet the requirements of this material providers for the fist of a big stage show.

Optical-grade PC by the market

LED general lighting applications in facing some problems, such as heat, energy efficiency, eliminate glare, these issues put forward new requirements shade. LED lamp can be used many materials such as glass, polycarbonate (PC: transparent PC, open a PC or matte clear striped PC) or titanium dioxide + PC, but there are a variety of defects in these materials, glass, fragile, transparent or frosted PC is still dazzling, plus a titanium dioxide of the PC is more brittle, shorter life expectancy.

Looking at the market, derived by modification of optical-grade PC to meet the diverse needs of LED lighting has become the new darling of the market. PC material itself has excellent mechanical properties, such as anti-aging, not rupture, Titanium dioxide higher heat distortion temperature, it is important for the light source optical grade PC proliferation ability, be able to point source into surface light source, resulting in soft lighting effect .

Currently, SABIC Innovative Plastics, Bayer MaterialScience, Japan's Teijin, Mitsubishi, South Korea's LG and other major providers of this technology. It is understood that in Guangzhou, China Jin Park, Polymer Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a light diffusion PC, according to reports, the transmission rate can not see LED lamp bead separation in the case of 85% dispersion of 60 °.

High diffusion PC lighting effects to create a pleasant

LED light is dazzling, but very light, using light diffusion material, make the light softer and more uniform to the space divergence (point source changes the surface light source), and the situation does not produce glare. SABIC Innovative Plastics President and CEO Charlie Crew has Sinorama interview that: "With the trend to replace inefficient incandescent rise worldwide, consumers are actively seeking affordable and durable, energy-saving alternatives. SABIC Innovative Plastics offer a range of specialty resins and new composite materials, products, LED light bulbs to optimize performance, life and appearance, thus effectively promote the upgrade of the global LED lighting industry. "

SABIC Innovative Plastics' latest technological achievements - all kinds of Lexan LUX PC resin designed to meet the new generation of LED lighting to changing requirements and development. Magnesia Lexan LUX high diffusion material has been selected Chinese Yuan Hui Optical Co., Ltd., its customers OPTILED Lighting International Limited (Optiled) production of LED lighting.

Because Lexan LUX polycarbonate (PC) material to provide a variety of personalized transmittance, luminous flux and diffusion effects, and has no brominated flame retardant-free chlorine, the Austrian company is to the light of the material used for just business residential housing and office lighting. Yuan-hui Photoelectric Co., Ltd., said Senior Director Thomas Chaung, "this particular high diffusion of these specifications can effectively soften the LED spot lamp, thereby creating a uniform and pleasant light lighting effects. In addition, these materials do not add harmful substances can provide advanced flame retardant. "

To meet the internal requirements of the new design and weight loss, shade becomes more and more thin, and with the power increase, the market increasingly need to be able to meet more stringent flammability standards for materials. Lexan LUX9610, LUX9612 and LUX9616 resin to stand out from similar products, all the color specifications of the materials have been the UL 1.5 mm yellow card certification, but also the EU's "Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive" (RoHS) and the "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive "(WEEE) on non-use of brominated and chlorinated additives requirements.

In addition, these materials also have a higher RTI values
​​(up to 125/115/125), Nickel oxide LED lighting applications can adapt to higher temperatures.

Customers can choose transparent Lexan LUX 9610 resin, the resin 2 mm with 89% light transmission and low haze can also be spread in the two specifications can be customized optical resin choose. Lexan LUX 9612 resin has a lower light diffusion, and Lexan LUX 9616 resin is a high light diffusion and light transmission rate with a balance.

Transparent PC lens to focus light channel lighting a significant advantage

In the indoor and outdoor lighting applications, the potential cost and energy saving advantage alone can make the LED lighting technology as superior to other smart choice. In addition, LED technology can also adjust the color of light needed to significantly improve the contrast and color rendering, resulting in a dark environment to achieve better visual effect.

In the Bayer offices in Vienna, Austria, its facade lighting full advantage of these features. Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Vienna LEDworx development of LED spotlight replaces the previously used metal halide lamps. Switch to LED lights to improve lighting conditions prior to the building, construction and safer pedestrian access. Since the installation of LED lighting has received a lot of positive feedback.

The new LED lamps in the channel have a significant advantage in brightness, and lighting throughout the region is also very uniform. Most importantly, electric load by 25% then we can still achieve these advantages. In other words, energy efficiency and improve quality is not inconsistent.

Together with Bayer, Carlco Optics company is currently testing new transparent polycarbonate Makrolon LED2643 materials, and for the production of lenses used in this project. The material for solid-state lighting (SSL) appliance development, high light transmittance, and excellent resistance to light emitted by LED lights. Lens for LED lighting applications, Bayer MaterialScience Makrolon specially developed LED products and other specialized products. The lens materials used to ensure the effective concentration and the light is directed.

Transparent Makrolon lamps can also play a role in protecting sensitive. The largest city in the Sackler Museum of History Museum of London side of the lobby is very impressive oval LED display walls, 1.6 m high, circumference of 48 meters. The system is able to change the message loop and message flow into a continuous image display effect.

This LED display wall surface materials using Bayer's transparent Makrolon R & D tube, its contents a linear LED units, to protect the display wall from outside influence.

More bright side of the Po chocolate to create the ideal lighting

Evonik for transparent LED edge lighting LED module series designed treasure Chris. This material is in the treasure Chris grade LED products made on the basis of development, with a product before, the new product can be revealed more clear and bright and brighter light.

The advantages of a product before you can spread the light evenly from all around, Neodymium fluoride but the material slightly mist. The new treasure Chris LED products can enhance the brightness of objects up to 250% positive, is very suitable for furniture, store shelves, stands and lighting design products transparent areas.

When there is no light in the case, the material is relatively turbid product does not appear to completely translucent characteristics. Other similar products you need to dazzling semi-color printing, laser cut or cut inside the matrix structure in order to achieve the same effect. And this product appears to be transparent, with 92% transmittance. When using RGB-LED for side lighting, the treasure Chris LED series materials will be selected LED colors will scattered light evenly across the surface.

In addition, Po chocolate LED series materials can also be used for non-edge lighting transparent objects, such as large flat surface area lighting objects, such as monitors, picture frames, light ceilings, walls and light box posters.

As an interior decoration materials, treasure Chris needs a wide range of materials. Light wall and light will gradually replace the traditional lighting. Similarly there is a gradient-type high-profile series of treasure Chris texture material, this first use of the material with colorful textures and effects in a unique way to spread the light. Surface color will change with the shift in perspective, it is very compelling.

With a gradient effect of family treasure Chris texture material is especially suitable for the need to highlight the effect of display applications, such as shops and booths. The material also applies to bars, clubs or lounge interior. Using this new material body made of light applied to the ceiling, floor and lighting can play a very significant when the visual effects to attract.

In addition, Evonik also offers packages of plastic LED lens. Evonik with poly-methyl methacrylamide (PMMI) is made of a special molding compound PLEXIMID suitable for manufacturing lenses and optical materials for automobile headlights, LED spotlight produces strong to withstand the extreme heat.

In this application, good thermal stability and processing of forming a stable optical performance is the necessary precondition. PLEXIMID materials to meet these requirements. Moreover, this particular molding compounds and AEROSIL silica glass material provides endless possibilities for design.

LED outdoor light boxes have become an essential feature. Barium titanate The unique design created by the winning treasure chocolate made of light materials had signs all over the modern metropolis. The treasure Chris LED products designed for today's LED technology designed to meet the needs of the various LED color coordinates, high transmittance, light uniformity. This makes the LED electrical equipment with less energy than ordinary acrylic glass up to 40%.

Evonik's Functional Polymers business is a global polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products manufacturer. The product is to treasure chocolate (PLEXIGLAS) trademark in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia market sales, and ACRYLITE trademark in the Americas for the sales.

World's first high-power LED application in nylon hero

Lamp cooling system has been to aluminum as a material. As the thermal conductivity of plastic is very small, can not meet the cooling requirements, it can not be used in the LED heat dissipation area.

DSM has introduced a new type of thermal plastic material while maintaining the general advantages of the plastic basis, increasing its thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity to reach 10-50 times the normal plastic.

Philips joint efforts of DSM, the Philips MASTER LED MR16 lamps to become the world's first modern high-power LED applications, the aluminum shell is a kind of thermal conductivity of plastic Stanyl TC replaced.

Stanyl also has to improve design flexibility, product durability, as well as for weight and other advantages. In the future, the sustainability of the solution applied to the new Philips LED lighting throughout the series.

Philips MASTER LED MR16 is a 4-watt LED lamps, can replace the popular low-voltage halogen lamps. It's light output with 20-watt halogen MR16 lights rather, therefore, it is the most important advantage is that you can save up to 80% of energy, and life 40 times longer than halogen.

Although as a cooling system metals is relatively mature technology, but there are still some shortcomings, plastic materials, the relative thermal conductivity of metals, there are many advantages, such as light weight, more environmental protection and safety, improve design flexibility, easy processing, efficiency higher, start the system simplification.

Suppliers and other plastic materials

Tolstoy Dragon also provides the lighting market with eight custom-bromine-free chlorine-free CALIBRE polycarbonate, EMERGE TYRIL SAN resin and resin, which, CALIBRE 301-58 LT was recently released for high-performance LED lighting resin.

LED commonly used plastic in addition to PC, PMMA, there are a number of other new research. Japanese engineering plastics provider Polyplastics CHINAPLAS launched this year in a temperature LCP applications in the LED lamp cup. Polyplastics Trading (Shanghai) Limited, in the village of Ya Zhao said: "the LCP for LED lamp cup, is different from other's solutions. In the past does not heat the material will age discoloration, use of resistant temperature LCP will not change color. "

In addition to these cases, the plastic in the LED lighting market, there are many applications, such as packaging materials, reflective materials, optical lenses, scattering materials, uniform light materials, thermal materials, are provided for the plastics industry a new, significant development opportunities.