The skin color is mainly determined by the content of the black tangled. Melanoma is generally considered the generation mechanism of melanosomes within melanocytes through the tyrosinase enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of nitric acid casein. There are currently commonly used VE, VC, superoxide dismutase SOD, kojic acid and plant extracts. All have whitening effect. Such as Morus alba, Burnet, hops, Dan. Witch Hazel has very good skin lightening effect, the active ingredient with a large t of the polyphenols. Bear fruit spread its aldehyde P 10 bear fruit vinegar Xi Bei phthalocyanine whitening agent is recognized its nature and structure are similar with the polyphenol class Bei vinegar. Is a special case of polyphenols. Whitening effect of plant polyphenols is a combined effect. Its anti-oxidation (elimination of free radicals), UV absorption of the enzyme inhibition ability. UV absorption of polyphenols whitening is one of the ways, through compound can effectively absorb the entire UV region. To reduce the formation of melanin. Second, skin blackening, freckles, brown spots and age spots with the in vivo casein nitrogen acid and peroxidase enzyme is closely related to increased activity. Casein nitrogen acid enzyme in the skin tissue of black tangled act as a catalyst in cell metabolism, astaxanthin causing increased secretion of melanin. Peroxidase-catalyzed decomposition of lipid peroxidation process accelerated skin aging. Acid casein nitrogen for plant polyphenols and peroxidase enzyme inhibition, to achieve the whitening effect.
Polyphenols and proteins to hydrophobic bonds and complex way in response to nitrogen bond, because people in the household chemical in the skin produce convergence. It is usually called a convergence (astringeney). People in the use of plant polyphenols in cosmetic reasons in its most direct convergence. The nature of the polyphenol-containing cosmetics in the water under the conditions of the skin has good adhesion, and make large pores shrink, the convergence of compact and loose skin so the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine appearance of the show.
Moisturizer in order to maintain the delicate skin lubrication. Fast to the skin surface with water using a combination of water substances to the stratum corneum moisture. Delay and prevent evaporation of water within the skin, glutathione this substance is called moisturizers. Polyphenols which is a natural product with its moisturizing effect of the molecular structure containing multiple drunk, can absorb moisture in the air. The moisture also has polyphenols that inhibition of hyaluronidase activity in skin care products to achieve real physical deep moisturizing effect.
Appropriate sunlight is a necessary condition for maintaining human health, but after day exposure, long drying. UV will cause burning skin irritation and even rashes, dermatitis. There is skin cancer and other diseases, excessive sun exposure is skin aging One of the main external factors. Therefore, the cosmetic sunscreen has become an important class of products. Sunscreens can be divided into physical and chemical UV screening agent of two types of UV absorbers Generally organic sunscreen agents are part of the latter. Has been developed a variety of sunscreen use, such as amino benzoic acid, salicylic acid, lipid, lipid methyl cinnamate, benzophenone and its derivatives. The majority of sunscreen in the oil-soluble compounds, some of which varieties are local irritation of the skin, tretinoin so from a natural products screening effect of water-soluble UV-absorbing sunscreen is important.
Polyphenols are a class of compounds belonging to this. Polyphenols are a class of light in the violet region has a strong absorption line of natural products, but also non-toxic to humans, tea polyphenols, persimmon tannin and other polyphenols extracted from plants have been confirmed. Polyphenols and flavonoids in several compound, using its ultraviolet region received broad-spectrum sun protection of the natural differences in available UV absorbers, since the formation of melanin to reduce the skin, prevent skin aging effect. Source: