When the nonwoven bag is big welcomed by the people, its value has been gradually developed also. For example, many companies and businesses will be printed in the nonwoven bag on his name, in order to achieve the effect of advertising. In such a nonwoven bag when printing, and some in order to achieve visible results, often mixed a metal plate or non-metallic standard version of the screen, in this type of printing ink can be used more, but the choice of a suitable ink (paint) will not be easy. Here, I cite the signs commonly used screen printing inks, we look together under the bar!
1, baking enamels: a single-fluid model formulation, cross-linking occurs when the heat storage performance is better. Can be stored for six months to one year. Has a good finish, wear resistance, chemical and weather resistance, and therefore the most common. Alkyd, acrylic and polyester with these features. Epoxy resin powder has a tendency to fracture and are generally not for outdoor use, but it dries fast, has good resistance to chemical corrosion properties. Alkyd enamel with Hu Pingheng physical characteristics, such as chemical resistance and weather resistance, formability, hardness and gloss, are the most widely used of.
2, air drying enamel: common drunk acid is made, it took oxygen in the air, through the reaction to achieve cure. The performance of drunk acid enamel oil by the use of the type and number. The longer the drying oil, enamel drying time is long. When the drying rate conditions, the long drying time of paint are generally good surface durability. The paint used for outdoor metal signs. .
3, dissolved volatile ink: waving to rely only on the solvent in order to achieve dry. The final performance of the coating liquid before preparation of polymers based on the inherent material properties in the set. Thermoplastic acrylic polymer containing such. To play the main parts of the screen printing ink will often be dissolved usually damage. Some do not dissolve in gasoline and alcohol, acrylic acid, rpet bag which can be used with the membrane surface contact, thus, thermoplastic acrylic acid, ethylene and other soluble polymer-based ink were mostly used in the plastic substrate.
4, two-liquid type ink: a common means of epoxy or polyurethane tree, although there are many other species. Often two-fluid timber system is the most energy-efficient choice, the coating of high quality, but the mix is
​​not convenient. In addition, also according to the use of the product to choose, recycling bag if the product may be used outdoors, but also note there are some soft, then use aliphatic hydrocarbons as the main urethane ink. Now on the market two liquid type epoxy ink baking enamel used almost the same performance, but the shape is not good enough.
5, ink additives: Like other inks, metallic screen printing ink also contain additives, which is into the production of small amounts of chemicals to improve the performance of the ink film, and some can lead to accelerated curing or cured, while others may the bubble burst, uniform quality ink to reduce the possibility of the conjunctiva. Manufacturers pay, depending on the formula with additives mixed with the ink, printer ink is required to dilute the consistency for printing. Source:http://www.cnmhc.com