Compared with foreign countries, there is not much different from product quality and size of china rubber chemicals and intermediates, but it mainly in the production of backward technology and environmental pollution. 21st century is the green century, along with environmental costs and the more pressure higher and higher, the cleanliness of the production process will be key to future competitiveness. At present, China rubber chemicals and intermediates to accelerate the development and application of the following cleaning process plant construction and new technologies.
Synthesis of nitrobenzene Aminodiphenylamine; nitrobenzene method is newly developed route, the process successfully replaced with nitrobenzene and aniline condensation of dinitrochlorobenzene Preparation of 4 - amino diphenylamine, its waste than traditional The formyl aniline route by 99%, Monsanto developed this technology because the environmental economy was the 1998 U.S. Presidential Challenge Award winning clean technology. Sunon, Shandong, China with a number of universities and research institutions to cooperate successfully developed nitrobenzene synthesis Aminodiphenylamine technology, and the completion of 20,000 t / a industrial installations, the use of new technology production costs lower than traditional formyl aniline 3000 yuan / t, Copper Chromite(CC) with good growth prospects, other Chinese enterprises should speed up the development pace.
Isobutene tert-butylamine ammoniated synthesis; the method is the production of tert-butylamine most atom economic concept of cleaner production processes, the current foreign BASF, Monsanto, Rohm - Haas Company, thanks to children's, Long bar companies, more than ten companies has its own proprietary technology, and sources of raw materials in China is no problem of isobutylene, which is a key catalyst for the problem, so companies should be some well-known China Petroleum and Chemical Research Institute to develop jointly, or you can import foreign technology.
Cumene synthesis between the two resorcinol; currently available mainly in the industrial technology and Japan's Mitsui Sumitomo Chemical Company, can not be transferred to China, as China Petrochemical Corporation development, Octylferrocene construction 5000t / a cumene oxidation between the two inter- hydroquinone unit of raw material source no problem with China, the Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical being developed. Acetone one-step synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone; present mainly in the production process abroad, the Chinese research and development of industrial applications for many years but is not ideal, convenient source of raw materials to China regions, the introduction of foreign acetone-step synthesis technology, the introduction of technology can be considered the United States Eastman, Dow Chemical, Shell Chemical Company and the Dutch companies such as technology. Synthesis of phenol hydroxylation hydroquinone; the method actually used in the production of catechol, China after two decades of efforts, has successfully developed Hydroxylation of phenol catechol and hydroquinone cogeneration process, China can speed up the pace of building units with technology, Tsinghua University, Chemical Research Institute, Tianjin University and Nanjing University. In addition nitrobenzene synthesis accelerator M; Solid Catalytic Oxidation accelerator NS; solid acid catalytic synthesis of antioxidant RD, etc., China is among the research and development, but there are still some distance away from industrialization, even though some of the technical difficulty of synthesis large, Lead Citrate but must not give up research and development, installation, and the market is limited, but unlimited technology, once the breakthrough of these technologies will greatly enhance China's overall competitiveness of rubber chemicals.
As a category of fine chemical industry and other rubber chemicals fine chemicals difference is that the relative concentration of species, the slow development and application of new varieties, the current products on the international market is one of the leading antioxidant antioxidant 4020, one of the leading products for agents is NS, these two products accounted for antioxidant and promoter of foreign consumer market share of 50% and 45%. At present, China is very ideal for the development of these two products, the catalyst behind the 4020 synthesis, poor quality, small scale, the amount imported per year; TBBS high cost of raw materials, market applications and less. Only difference between these two products, you can see China to become a world power in the way of rubber additives still a long way. But China, the two products can be said to be the most promising products, according to the rubber chemicals industry in China, "15" planning data 4020 and TBBS demand in 2005 were 08,800 t and 05,000 t. And as a joint venture to accelerate the process of the tire, not only the Chinese auto industry needs high-performance tires, and a large number of high-quality tires exported, so the general performance and international demand for rubber chemicals led the rapid growth expected in 2005 that the two leading Chinese consumption of rubber chemicals will be more than "15" plan forecasts.
Antioxidant 4020 is a synthetic amino diphenylamine and methyl isobutyl ketone as raw materials in the presence of hydrogen and condensation catalyst, the synthesis of 4020 China's current antioxidant research less, years ago, fine chemicals suppliers has continued development of technology made less progress , of which two issues are critical, one more catalyst preparation level and that big gap between the two reports of foreign patent systems of ammonia in the synthesis of antioxidant diphenylamine can be used before 4020 a number of alkali metal or alkali metal oxides and salts processing, can improve the yield. Also, China Antioxidant 4020 a single set of devices smaller, only 2000t / a, to expedite the development of technology, construction, 10,000 t / a production line.
Accelerator NS, based on tert-butylamine and for the M for the synthesis of a long time to expand the Chinese market does not open the main problem is that China's supply of less expensive tert-butylamine, tert-butylamine with the production and development in recent years, accelerated market growth accelerator NS did not achieve the desired value more or consumer perception problem, namely the effect of accelerator NOBS price performance advantage than the NS, the second is Chinese manufacturers do not easily replace vulcanized rubber formulations. Therefore, China is easy to produce from the regulatory restrictions on the use of accelerator nitrosamines, a promotion to increase publicity efforts to fully open the accelerator NS market not far off. Source: