Silicon is widely distributed in the earth's crust. It is about a quarter of the total crust. Silicon has a wide range of application in daily life. Modern-tech frontier is also inseparable from it. With the continuous development of science and technology in future, the application of the silicon seems more and more important. The applicability and economy of the silicon can be predicted.

Finished silica fume is got from the industrial processing of silicon blocks. It can be divided as powder, fine powder and ultra-fine powder. It can be used as the main raw material of high temperature refractories, iron, aluminum, silica and organic silicon. The new materials silicone has good development prospects, big market space and great benefits. In recent years, enterprise develops faster, more and more products are produced. The silicone business is growing rapidly.

There are a variety of ways to produce finished silicon powder using silicon blocks as raw materials. Better applications more: ball milling, roller mill method, red Melody, its main equipment: ball mill, roller mill, cyclone mill to achieve the quality and technical requirements there is a difference in the milling. The first two extrusion rolling mill crushed under gravity, the latter is the impact crushing. A variety of mill crushed minerals can be processed non-inflammable, explosive, Mohs hardness of less than 7.0.

Different milling methods of silica fume activity there is a difference, to determine the activity of factors: the microscopic structure of the powder specific surface area, particle size gradation, surface protection, and equipment, steel consumption. The chemical composition meets the requirements of the indicators of silicon refining has been the best microstructure and warrants that it has the best activity of the reaction, that is, its nature or natural properties, milling must try to reduce their natural microstructure degradation to reduce the deformation of grain and grain group, the vast majority of silica fume still retain its original natural microstructure.

In the storage, transportation, and transmission of finished silica fume and boron powder, we generally use closed N2, sealed and N2 conveyor. These are also effective measures to protect the activity of silicon powder. The final judgment of silica fume’s surface activity is on the production practices, the effect after participating in the chemical reaction and the performance in the market competition. Of course, in order to obtain high activity, there is a problem in a milling method which requires an understanding process. It will be examined by the time. In short, the preparation of silicon milling should choose the most suitable conditions for silica fume quality (activity, particle size, chemical composition, etc.). in preparation of Silicon powder, the milling method with reliable safety, environmental national standards should be selected.Source: