Medicinal raw materials of Chinese medicine preparations require the standardized pretreatment of herbal or medicine. While the vast majority of extract enterprises use original herbs with index components. It is more convenient and easy. Because plant extract manufacturer participates in international competition, so there are stringent requirements for the basic sources of raw materials, harvesting season and applying regions. For synthesized raw materials of western medicine, regardless of the raw material and synthetic route, they should meet the standards.

But from the natural ingredients of Chinese medicine in addition to the base source, to a large extent determined by the almost uncontrollable natural conditions. Purified extracts such as paclitaxel, puerarin can be ignored and the process, use the site, but generally extract its indicators ingredients can only represent the relative level of quality, must be made on the use of raw materials and extraction process standardization requirements. In addition, out of consideration for the cost of production of extracts, high levels of index constituent quality of raw materials will also become conscious.

China's plant extracts industry is from the hands of the workshop to a modern industrial systems factory co-exist. Mainstream production equipment and technical ability can be comparable to the world's major producing countries of the extract. Number of extracts of enterprises in accordance with or by reference to the international quality system certification, the World Jewish food certification system certification requirements for construction and equipment of the production system and the environment.

Many specialized extract business equipment, from simple attention to equipment production performance to attach importance to the production environment safe and clean, and efficient system of production facilities can both change the direction, which also reflects the extract enterprises in accordance with the requirements of production demands on themselves, and make efforts in accordance with the production capacity and technical level of advanced pharmaceutical companies and the strong desire of international standards. Undeniably, there are many production conditions and poor equipment of the enterprise, and even many hand-family workshops in the production of the extract processing, with the level of economic development in China, and Chinese medicine and traditional processing certain contact. However, with the extract manufacturers raise the level of international market competition and their own accumulation of economic strength and management continued to increase, improve and raise the level of production equipment has become the industry development direction of the extract will also promote China's traditional Chinese medicine products. It will improve the equipment level of pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers.

With the analysis of the continuous improvement of the technical level, the cognitive ability of a trace amount of harmful ingredients, more and more, can be detected in the number of varieties are more and more, getting lower and lower detection limits, and one after another in the world be reflected in regulations or standards. Advanced equipment, such as using a fluorescence detector for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and halogen biphenyl, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometry. As well as improved sample purification efficiency and degree of automation of solid-phase extraction equipment and reduce the intensity of the work to improve the efficiency of the autosampler and other advanced equipment.

A number of pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers have corporations with local farmers or institutions. They make the plant waste as organic fertilizer by the ways of heaping and fermentation. They also take appropriate processing of bubble gas and fermentation on wastewater, thus COD, BOD will meet the discharge standards. But there are a lot of extract suppliers are lacking of sufficient understanding and construction on environmental protection equipments. It should arouse great concern.Source: