The global electronic market popular chemicals, from fashionable personage of the IPAD, favored smart phones, to the strategic industry things online, three nets fusion, new flat panel display, again to automotive electronic industrial electronics, aerospace, electronics, and other industrial pet, even the concern as "rare earth", "apple" and so on the hot topic, is inseparable from a core electronic chemicals.

Japan has calmed down though earthquake gradually, but to the electronic industry brings "aftershock" but in diffusion, among them "electronic chemicals" is becoming overwhelmed by industry the last straw, when public anxiety in smart phones, IPAD, 3 G mobile phone is out of stock or rise offer, electronic chemical industry is facing "several glad several sorrow" situation. Some traditional rely on Japan to provide the material enterprise, have to "break for" or "
Run out of food" and anxiety, such as Japan's BT resin, liquid crystal materials, semiconductor silicon, battery materials occupy a large share of global productivity, and a short time is difficult to return to normal.

In China's enterprises are organic grasp the market opportunity

But the crisis will be organic, electronic chemicals as fine chemical and electronic new material in the upstart, its performance that grabs an eye will not be rewritten, instead of making more miracles emerging, according to the American BCCReseach report estimates, 2010 2015, global electronic chemicals at an average rate as high as 12.6%, and by 2015 the market will be as high as 500 billion yuan.

From China (guangzhou) international electronics chemical exhibition learned that China many electronic chemicals enterprise is to expand the capacity, ready for a new round of international capacity shift, and increase the market promotion efficiency, Copper Chromite(CC) in order to further open China market outside, many enterprises said to seize the opportunity to build brand, will be high value-added electronic chemical as enterprise long-term strategy.

The exhibition controller introduces, at present of the hottest LED and was known as the crowd of OLED enterprise reaction warmly, LED display and OLED display in the flat panel display field competition speed again, industry insiders is that both competition soon explosive. Due to the LED display technology has more mature, Triphenyl Bismuth the international panel production to China most already gathered, at present there are suzhou, guangzhou, shenzhen, wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and other industrial base, panel and display of the upper reaches of the chemicals and material industry is the industry had great expectations for, China enterprise substantially completed industry layout, and some enterprises and has obtained the certain competitive advantage.

At present, in China's electronic chemical former many of the enterprise in the exhibit, have a group of strength of the listed companies and Chinese famous enterprise, such as kind of rare earth fluorine chemical enterprise KaiHeng (JuHua affiliates), KangPeng, more than ever, fluorine too; Liquid crystal materials enterprise WanRun, and into chemistry, shengwalunding paying court forever China; Electronic phosphoric acid enterprise has crystal at p; Electronic packaging and cleaning enterprise the wo (YiLi high); New energy battery materials enterprise new cosmic bond, and so on. Our country is the biggest fluorine chemical, phosphorous chemical and electronic chemical based products production and export power, but it is the senior fine article of importing countries, shows that China's electronic chemical industry, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid laying a solid foundation and improve the need. Electronic chemical spans the new material and electronic information two big national strategic new industry, is promoting a next generation communication network, content online, three nets fusion, new flat panel display, high performance integrated circuit, etc DuoGe field the key to the development of China, one of the enterprise must grab in the new technology transformation in advance of layout, which seizes the market the commanding heights, but right now is a but missed the market opportunity.

Emerging market technology innovators leading the industry development

Electronic chemicals is not spell, born in the electronic industry and it already exists, after decades of development gradually into industry, with the rise of the emerging markets, electronic chemical is a shield, from "the ugly duckling" had become the "white swan", be electronic and chemical industry holding "teenager" hot.

Emerging flat panel display, new energy, high performance integrated circuits and new electronic components, etc all belong to emerging market category, is now agree, many famous enterprises have in them, and gave birth to a lot of new power, Octylferrocene they will technology innovation as to enter the market open sesame.
From the China international exhibition of electronic chemicals to understand, "technology innovation" to become the enterprise in the words high frequency word, many enterprises have to emphasis on technology innovation although a stereotype, but this is the only way to market win, China enterprise although lost electronic industry and electronic chemical development of the first opportunity, in the new round of industrial revolution and the technology under the transition period, Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises with a starting place, have a chance to catch up with and even catch up completely.

Take consumer electronics for, because industry upgrading fast, this car is in the ascendant, Musk R-1 car over there is right around the corner, the more new technology may are brewing, this undoubtedly proved electronic chemical "generation materials, a generation product" view, new product is before the advent of materials and technology must mature, material is the competition advantage and key.

When the market appear peiss or more competitive technology, can't help but ask who is the mainstream, who decides? The key lies in the technology innovation to adapt to the market demand the product development and technology, Lead Citrate industry and the public will become the first choice. At present, China's electronic chemicals exhibition has a line with all contact liquid crystal material enterprise, especially China famous enterprise, most hopeful about the show, said, as an industry first eat crab, who meet the technical innovative enterprise to be the first concept. In addition, foreign electronic chemicals large enterprise, will also show the Chinese market as open bridgehead, showing high the desire.

Finally, exhibition, controller tells a reporter, after China the mainstream media
repeatedly report, fine chemicals suppliers China electronics chemical stand has firmly occupy "electronic chemicals exhibition" mental resources first. With the deepening of the exhibition investment promotion, in the new energy battery materials, specialty gases, PCB chemicals, packaging materials, and other electronic chemicals fields have more big breakthrough, when electronic, and photovoltaic, new energy and other industrial enterprises will gather, through the exhibition, can understand the electronic chemical industry business changes, to clear up the industry development grain.