Boron nitride powder is a white, insoluble and high temperature resistance material. It has futures of lubrication and easily absorbing moisture. It is composed of nitrogen atoms and boron atoms. The crystal structure is divided into hexagonal boron nitride powder, close-packed hexagonal boron nitride and cubic boron nitride powder. Boron nitride powder can be used as lubricant, electrolysis, resistance materials, additives and high temperature insulating material. And it can also be used as the heat shield material in the aerospace, construction materials of atomic reactors, vents of aircraft and rocket engine, aluminum tubes of capacitor film and monitors aluminum, etc. Meanwhile, the boron powder can be used in a variety of fresh aluminum bags.

Hexagonal boron nitride powder is a high temperature, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high insulation and excellent lubricating properties of the material, widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, electricity, textile, nuclear industry, aerospace, etc. department. Hexagonal boron nitride powder is excellent chemical stability, can be used as melting the crucible of the evaporation of metal boat pan, the liquid metal pipes, rocket nozzle, the base of the high-power device, the molten metal piping, pump parts, cast steel mold, etc.

The use of hexagonal boron nitride powder heat-resistant corrosion resistance, high temperature components can be manufactured, rocket combustion chamber lining, the spacecraft's heat shield, the magnetic flux generator corrosion. The same time, it can be widely used in high-voltage high-frequency electric and plasma arc insulators of the insulator and a variety of heaters, heating pipe casing and high temperature, high frequency, high-pressure thermal insulation parts, furnace material of high-frequency applications.

Lubricity of hexagonal boron nitride powder, boron nitride powder is used as a lubricant, it can be dispersed in the heat-resistant grease, water or solvent; spraying in the friction surface until solvent evaporation and the formation of dry mold; fill in resin, ceramic, metal surface layer as the high-temperature self-lubricating composite materials. Boron nitride suspended oil was white or yellow, and thus do not pollute the fiber products in the textile machinery, can be widely used in synthetic fiber textile machinery lubrication.

Hexagonal boron nitride powder can also be used as additives of various materials. Made of boron nitride processing of boron nitride fibers, the modulus of high-function fibers is a synthesis of inorganic engineering materials. The metal powder supplier uses it in the chemical industry, textile industry, aerospace technology and other cutting-edge industrial sectors.

Cubic boron nitride is a functional material with a variety of excellent features. Its hardness is only after to diamond. But it is more stable than diamond. Cubic boron nitride powder has a series of excellent performances of high stability, high thermal conductivity, high hardness and wide band gap. So it has broad application prospects in development of high-temperature high-power semiconductor devices, electronic device fabrication of short wavelength and UV, heat sink materials, cutting and grinding materials, protective coating for high temperature and wear resistance and window with high permeability and high stability.Source: