Grapes account for about 1/4 of the world 's fruit production, we can say is the world 's favorite fruit. Grape ripening season, and now to face a wide variety of different colors of the grapes, you know what kind of high nutritional value?

Global grape thousands, and in general can be divided into two major categories of wine grapes and table grapes. More Chinese in addition to the Kyoho, Muscat, Xinjiang horse breast grapes, seedless grapes, white milk grape Hebei, Shandong, longan grapes and Sichuan green grapes are known for the world's best grapes varieties. Thompson Seedless in Xinjiang is the most expensive, known as the "Green Pearl" name, it is most sweet grapes. Seedless grapes and grape very much like horse breast, is often difficult to distinguish. Seedless fruit oval, yellow-green or green and white, thin peel, seedless; while horse breast grape has a small core, white and green. There is also a fruit large, thin, flesh difficult to separate the grapes known as "grapes", according to the different color, divided into red grapes, black mentioning and green grapes. In addition, the Muscat grape is the most delicious grapes, it is suitable to be eaten raw, can be used as a brewing raw materials.

Grapes nutrient-rich, sugar content as high as 10% -30%, mainly glucose. Grape acid helps to digest properly eat, spleen and stomach. Of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron content in the grapes, can promote kidney function, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The grape is also rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and a variety of essential amino acids, and eat it grapes, neurasthenia, fatigue useful. Modern medical research by resveratrol supplier also showed that the grapes has anti-cancer, anti -cancer role.

On nutrition, the darker the grape, the higher the nutritional value. The pigment material content, the higher the deeper the color of the grapes. Such substances can be strong against the hardening of the arteries, protects the heart and stroke prevention. Said the grape skins, the darker the higher the content of flavonoids, the stronger the effect of lowering blood pressure. Kyoho, Muscat and other nutritional value than green grapes, seedless. Also contains large amounts of resveratrol in grape skin and grape seed, has a very high anti-cancer effects and that makes you don’t need to buy resveratrol. Grapes is the best even with belt seeds to eat the most nutritious.