Previous studies have found that there is a phenolic compound resveratrol in skins of red grape and grape seeds. Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant with anti-radiation effect. The astringency of grape skin and hard texture of grape seed makes people can not eat these beneficial ingredients. Process of wine making fully uses these beneficial parts of grapes. So there are abundant resveratrol in the wine.

The pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers claim that the mice test results show resveratrol may be resistant to radiation damage after acetyl processing. Drugs made using this method may be used for large-scale radiological protection or nuclear accident. Currently, the market has not yet available for the drug to resist radiation. The goal of the researchers is to develop effective, non-toxic anti-radiation drugs. Easy to store, transport and operation of small molecules is the best so far, acetyl resveratrol meet these requirements.

Resveratrol in red wine and grapes can effectively reduce the artery inflammation. Resveratrol can alleviate the symptoms of eye blood vessels to dilate, thereby reducing the chance of blindness. The researchers found that resveratrol effect, mice subjected to large doses of resveratrol can help prevent the regeneration of new blood vessels in mice retina. Vascular regeneration of healthy people usually maintain a balance, but when angiogenesis is out of control, there will be some of the symptoms of cancer and diabetes cause blindness and macular degenerative diseases. Disorder symptoms are the most reason of blindness.

Researchers have been concerned about the resveratrol in wine, want to know that this antioxidant ability to prevent the spread of lung cancer cells. , Due to the buildup of toxic free radicals may cause inflammation in the lung tumor tissue before. Resveratrol as an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit or even eliminate those harmful free radicals. Resveratrol will not be removed by chemical radicals, but by protecting the protease of cystatin door. It is a way to eliminate pre-cancerous cells, enzymes, and to ensure the health of the lung tissue.

The researchers found that resveratrol can protect the cystatin door protease, inhibit inflammation. Currently, researchers only focus of air pollution in the laboratory to test the smoking of the impact of bronchial cells. Of bronchial cells to exert a certain dose of resveratrol. After 24 hours, imposed more than twice the number of cells after 5 micro molar resveratrol to eliminate the number of lung cancer cells by the protease of cystatin door, while those cells that did not impose that resveratrol and some died suddenly, and some even rapid replication of harmful cells.

Although the test results may be beneficial to the body, but not a cup of wine and smoking harmful to humans, but for smokers, the consumption of a variety of wine is an effective means of a prevention of lung and other cancers. Red wine can protect after a stroke, brain from injury, a benefit of this increase in red wine. Researchers announce that they buy resveratrol to do the mice experiments and find a significant protective effect of resveratrol on the brain.

The researchers suggest that people should not take resveratrol supplements, because its benefits are still unknown. They also reveal that effect of resveratrol may due to the accumulation of various elements. But people should not have excessive drinking, because alcohol produces potentially dangerous. The researchers declare that the activity mechanism of resveratrol is not clear. Resveratrol may not be able to protect brain cells without direct damage from free radicals, but its metabolites may promote cell self-protection.Source: