Study found that retinoic acid has significant effect on acne, beauty. Mild acne, fine lines, get rid of, the pores close to dilute the stain almost anything, but because these drugs several times with the patient to abandon the use of a sharp. Learn the proper use of retinoic acid  may reduce side effects.

Despite the low efficiency of products in a prescription, over-retinoic acid product compared with the more the starting time, but it is relatively light on skin, but also relatively inexpensive. Therefore, concentrations, dermatologists, sensitive skin and for first time users is recommended retinol, tretinoin, 0.1% over the counter preparation slowly by the skin irritating, retinoic acid, the active ingredient can convert the relatively small. Three months, the skin is not improving, you might consider switching to affect prescribing powerful drugs. , Leather products will be significantly reduced side effects of prescription preparations against the possibility of change even though the latter, made slowly.

Retinoids make the skin dry to a certain extent, so a more scientific program, chose to use in the summer humidity. After the first two weeks every day once a retinoic acid, and using another two-week increased every three days once a day. Some people, especially, light-skinned, light iris color, the adaptation process may be longer. Low-dose or a very short time minoxidil application, but also a serious fetal brain and heart abnormalities, mental retardation may cause, but an important note, that the teratogenic effects of retinoic acid. Therefore, the drug within 30 days, during and after strict contraception.

An acid to increase skin glow from the inside from the outside really, can penetrate the nucleus of skin cells, retinoic acid skin care products because the acid instead of dominating the world successfully for several years, developed a skin a healthy shine and should be considered as an acid, acid, almost no discomfort.

Vitamin A acid’s functions on the skin: The role of developing skin rough, to promote skin metabolism, dry, dark skin seems to glow. And to improve the organization of the stratum corneum of skin, improve skin elasticity and a sense of transparency, so that the skin, soft and white and looks healthy. Net accumulation of soil pores, the pores and has an antibacterial effect. After helping to care for the same product from skin with vitamin A acid is not a feeling. Devito capsule market, and skin spirit, the triple-core capsules, a natural metabolite of retinoic acid.