Deterioration of the environment will bring people a lot of diseases. Skin disease is the first troubling disease. Among the skin diseases, ichthyosis makes many patients involving in troubles. With the advent of retinoic acid, ichthyosis is not so rampant. Does the effect of retinoic acid really so obvious and where can people get cheap tretinoin?

Ichthyosis is a common hereditary skin keratinocytes disorders. More often than children, the disease, mainly the extensor side of the limbs or trunk skin dry, rough, with diamond-shaped or polygonal scales, such as scaly or snakeskin-like appearance, heavy chapped skin, the epidermis stiff, leading to their own hairs sparse, sweating abnormalities, resulting in the imbalance of body fluid metabolism, affect the endocrine system. Ichthyosis a hereditary keratosis obstacles skin diseases, their common feature is the extensor surfaces of limbs or trunk a lot of dry, rough shaped like ichthyosis, keratosis scales, grave markings, good from the white. Cold and dry season increased the warm, humid season relief. Good governance and easy to relapse, ichthyosis, although no direct harm to human health, but some discomfort compared with normal subjects, in particular, affect the shape of the body's severe cases, also broken skin, bleeding and other symptoms, resulting in very a big pain.

The occurrence of ichthyosis is due to genetic causes of a substance in vivo metabolic disorders, and this metabolic remnants is not easily excreted from the kidney, but has a strong affinity with the skin, accumulate in the body to a certain extent, it gradually through the sebaceous glands, sweat secretion in vitro, so as to achieve the purpose of excretion clearance. Because of this metabolic remnants of melting and dissolution by the great influence of temperature, humidity, adequate skin moisture in summer, high temperatures, this substance is liquefied and dissolved state, so the relatively light damage to the skin. But going into the fall, the temperature decreased, dry climate, the substance secreted into the skin surface of rapidly solidified, and reduce skin moisture, can not be effectively dissolved the substance, so it is condensation, deposition in the skin, the stratum corneum. As a result, one hand on the skin to produce damage of skin keratinocytes to greatly accelerate the speed to produce a large number of scales; the other hand, blocked hair follicles and sweat duct, causing the sebaceous glands, sweat glands secretion disorders, and ultimately atrophy shrinkage occurs, the skin loses moisture, becomes abnormal dry. Not a secretion from the sebaceous glands, sweat glands on the distribution of differences in systemic sebaceous glands, sweat glands, as well as individual physical differences, the amount of metabolic remnants, so the performance of specific parts of the lesions, different types of ichthyosis, as well as the severity of different symptoms.

Cosmetic raw material tretinoin had no effect on tyrosinase activity of normal human melanocytes and melanin composition. When the skin physiological aging, or drugs, ultraviolet radiation, and traumatic injury, retinoic acid can correct or prevent the harmful factors on the dermal connective tissue biochemical composition and morphology caused by abnormal, to stimulate the skin cells, extracellular matrix protein synthesis in the upper dermis accelerate the formation of new connective tissue band, and increase the tensile strength of the wound site. Retinoic acid had no effect on collagen synthesis of normal skin.

In addition, retinoic acid can inhibit activity on leukocyte chemotaxis, and thus playing a role in anti-inflammatory. All-trans retinoic acid had no direct effect on the sebaceous glands and their secretion. Now people have understood about the symptoms and causes of ichthyosis. It is imperative to use retinoic acid capsules now. The effect of retinoic acid capsule is obvious and it has fewer toxic side effects.Source: