Plastic bag was born about a hundred years, to the human society is a big convenience, but also brought environmental pollution. As people's awareness of environmental protection, say no to plastic bags, the sound is growing, both beautiful and convenient and environmentally friendly shopping bags in the UK, Japan and other places are very popular.
According to Japanese media reports, British Arnie maria DE marche hin the launch of a brand name I am not a plastic shopping bags popular in Japan. Tokyo recently announced a mall customer draw lots to sell 500 this bag two days attracted 1.5 million lottery. Some auction sites in Japan, and this price ¥ 2000 (1 U.S. dollar equals 117 yen) shopping bags soared 10 times the auction price. Previously, the brand's limited edition shopping
nonwoven bags sold in the United Kingdom also attracted people lining up to buy. In the U.S. eBay site, this shopping bag for each bidding had reached £ 100 (£ 1 about $ 2).
Of course, shopping bags so expensive not everyone can afford, but environmentalists against plastic bags pollute the environment there are other means: The Singapore Government recently shared with businesses or encourage consumers to bring their own bags to the latter provide The environmentally friendly
reusable bags, consumers are more active cooperation. Kenya's largest supermarket chains to provide the customers bag. Government of Uganda from July 1 this year, banned the production and import of the thickness of 30 microns or less in plastic bags, plastic bags for other thickness levy heavy taxes on its residents while promoting the use of local traditional materials wrapped in banana leaf items.
Some local governments also actively prohibit the use of plastic bags. In April 2007, the Canadian town of Leaf Rapids began to implement the provisions of plastic shopping bags is disabled, as Canada's first ban on the introduction of such towns. Devon southwest England town of Modbury from May this year complete ban plastic bags,
non woven bag china shopping town customers will be made from the starch material and natural degradation of the bags, recyclable paper bags or repeat Use cotton sacks.
At the same time, researchers are actively developing more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags,
rpet bag a variety of environmentally friendly packaging materials is expected to continue into people's lives. Source: